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in various industries research, development, quality management, analysis techniques are essential. especially in today's rapid development of science and technology, whether it is research and development institutions or manufacturing industry, the analysis of the requirements of the instrument is becoming more and more high. suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.in 2008, 2010, 2011, the introduction of high-end beethor series handheld xrf (x ray fluorescence spectrometer) analyzer. after the analysis of the field of technology has always maintained a spirit of innovation, and constantly develop the alloy analyzer, ore analyzer, environmental analyzer, rohs analyzer, and many other high-tech products. in the future, lanscientific will continue to pursue cutting-edge technology to develop products to meet the requirements of the times. lanscientific analysis instrument as a tool to develop more advanced technology will play a huge role.


lanscientific co., ltd.
suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.is a professional manufacture, production and sale of portable x fluorescence analysis instrument of the provincial high-tech enterprises. the company has the domestic first-class team of experts x fluorescence analysis technology, with strong technical strength, advanced technology, service concept and advanced management mode...
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