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scopex csa 600 benchtop rohs analyzer

lanscientific scopex is an x-ray fluorescence analyzer designed for the screening of hazardous elements under the rohs / elv regulations. it combines the world's leading halogen-free analytical techniques with the intelligent vacuum system for the best halogen-free test and utilizes x-ray excitation of light elements. not only suitable for the detection of any halogen-containing hazardous substances in products, but also for all elements and rohs analysis. with high precision, a wide range of elements can be analyzed, simple and fast test and so on advantages, users can get reliable and accurate results in compliance with international the latest standard.

working principle

lanscientific scopex  energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer is using x-ray fluorescence analysis principle.

the principle of x-ray fluorescence analysis

scopex  irradiates the sample with a certain wavelength of x-ray, making the elements be in the excited state and yield photon excitation, forming a fluorescent x-ray. different elements stimulate the different energy values which caused different x-ray fluorescence results. through the detection of the wavelength of x-ray, scopex  produces the qualitative analysis.  it produces the quantitative analysis with the amount of element-specific x-ray.

the working principle of the instrument

the instrument's high-voltage power supply provides the tube pressure and the tube flow. the tube excites continuous x-ray. the x-ray irradiates the sample to generate the x-fluorescence with the characteristic of the sample. after entering the detector, it becomes a voltage signal. after signal amplification and data acquisition, it will be sent to the computer processing to get the final test report.

application range

scopex  is mainly used in rohs, halogen-free, elv and other environmental directives for harmful elements detection, as follows:

①rohs directive control products: large and small household appliances, information technology and communications equipment, power tools, toys and other equipment;

②halogen-free directive control products: products with cl, br and other elements in the flame retardant as raw materials;

③elv directive screening analysis: analyzing a variety of mechanical parts' structures and coating thickness, and detecting the adhesion chemical synthesized outer membrane.

technical parameters and specifications

the main specifications

the measurement

x-ray fluorescence analysis

determination method

energy dispersion type

the determination of the object

solid, liquid, powder

range of measurement

sodium (na) -uranium (u)

sample room size


maximum sample weight

2.5 kg

open way

the automatic control

x - ray generating department

x-ray tube

high power side window x-ray tube


maximum 50 kv


limit 1 ma

cooling way

air cooling


5mm, 3mm, 1mm, 0.5mm

the detector


si-pin detector

cooling way

peltier cooling

sample room

determination of environmental

atmosphere, vacuum (optional), helium (optional)

sample observation

5 megapixel high-definition industrial camera

data processing department

pc processor (cpu)

i3-7100 equivalent frequency or above

memory (ram)

ddr4 4g memory or above

hard disk capacity (rom)

1tb hdd or 256gb ssd or above


windows 10

environment setup

temperature conditions

10 ° c ~ 35 ° c

relative humidity

40~70%(no dew)

the power supply


rated power


set the example

size of the host


the host weight


product detail


1. open working curve, tailor-made for the user with the best detection and control program of hazardous substances. at the same time, easily upgrade for future test samples types expansion.

2. multiple safety devices: high-pressure safety lock (automatic interlock). the software-controlled cover cannot open during testing to ensure the safety and no accidental radiation damage for the operator.

3. large sample room design, to adapt to the detection of samples of all types (solid, liquid, powder, film, etc.) and different shapes (block, sheet, linear) samples.

4. automatic one-button operation: automatic collimator and filter switch. sample test photos are taken and saved automatically. test reports pop up automatically. supplier information is automatically filtered and saved.

5. world-leading xrf analysis software combines empirical coefficient method, the fundamental parameters method (fp method) and other analytical methods to fully guarantee the accuracy of test data.

6. simple test data management system, flexible report output format (excel, pdf, etc.) to meet users' various data management needs.

7. with operator authority classification management, when testers log in with different usernames and passwords, test record report will add the testers' names automatically.

8. humanized-design interface: one-button automatic test, easy to use, allowing more convenience in operation and more humanization in the interface.

9. internationally advanced industrial design and ergonomics concepts, the overall design of the instrument is like streamline body, beautiful and elegant. 

10. concise and intuitive spectral comparing function quickly distinguishes the change of material composition to achieve the quality control of the supplier material changes, reducing incoming risks.

11. peltier electric cooling, air cooling without liquid nitrogen refrigeration, simplifies the complexity and reduces the routine maintenance costs of the instrument at the same time.

12. fully enclosed metal chassis and leakage prevention switch, more scientific design, better hardware and software cooperation, closer mechanical and electrical linkage. radiation safety in line with national standard gb18871-2002, gbz115-2002 requirements.

13. according to the specific circumstances of the test sample, automatically adjust of the tube flow and time to make test results more accurate, while improving instrument performance and extend the service life.

14. the software comes with self-control and overrun settings, automatically determine whether test result is in control range.

15. usb2.0 interface, ensuring the accuracy of data transmission speed effectively.

16. the unique tubemap monitoring technology, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the x-ray source, effectively extending its service life, reduce operating costs.

17. built-in high-definition ccd camera, observing the test area status in real time, and taking pictures of the material as part of the test report.

relevant standards

response to instructions

responding to eu rohs 2.0 directive - 2011/65 / eu

responding to halogen-free directives iec61249-2-21

responding to reach directives

responding to toy en71 instructions

responding to us cpsia consumer product safety improvement act

responding to china-rohs national voluntary certification

in compliance with iec62321 standard

in compliance with gb / t26125-2011

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