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pedx oil portable xrf analyzer
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pedx® oil portable xrf analyzer

the limit control of sulfur content in petrochemical products, especially in oil products (such as gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil, etc.) has become the main focus in environmental protection. according to the latest china environmental protection agency regulations in petrochemical industry, automotive gasoline total sulfur index dropped from 1000pmm to 500ppm, the current national standard ⅳ sulfur content index has dropped to 50ppm. ordinary diesel index drops from 2000ppm to the current 350ppm. in the meantime, the china maritime safety administration has stipulated that the sulfur content of the fuel used by vessels in the emission control zone shall not exceed 0.5% m/m (5000ppm).

performance advantage

lanscientific pedx® oil is a high performance, portable xrf analyzer that provides the energy industry with the perfect sulfur elemental analysis method for analyzing elemental content in oils such as lubricants, diesel fuels, jet fuels, kerosene, other distillates, volatile oils, residual oils, hydraulic oils, crude oils, unleaded petrol, alcoholic gasoline, biodiesel. also, it can check the existence of elements content, wear elements, pollutants and sulfur content in other similar petroleum products. it can be used in any place, providing safe, high-quality sulfur content analyzing condition for liquid, solid or gas samples.

equipped with a confined x-ray sample cabin

highly flexible analysis software

no sample preparation, easy to collect and analyze samples

in line with gb/t 17040-2008, gb/t 17060-1998, gb/t 380-1977, gb/t 17411-2015, sh/t 0253-1992 and other testing standards

low maintenance requirements (no heating components, no quartz tube, no column)

users can customize the measuring time to achieve continuous monitoring

no need for any sample changeover, gas consumption, or high-temperature processes

analysis of elements and patterns

pedx® oil portable analyzer elemental detection limit

lod of sulfur 


3 sigama (ppm)

s (sulfur)


application range

application areas

lanscientific pedx® oil portable analyzer is used for the analysis of fuels, oils, additives and other fluids in the petrochemical, heavy traffic, power generation, aerospace, crude oil exploration, marine and other industries.

specific applications are as follows:

sulfur content analysis of marine fuels: monitoring of sulfur content in the sulfur dioxide emission control area (seca). special fuel quality regulations emissions control areas exist in sox emission control area (sox eca or seca), including ports and coastlines.

petroleum refining industry: determining total sulfur in fuels and crude oil, or tracing impurities metals in refinery catalysts.

refinery: used for hydrofining units and blending systems.

oil pipeline: used for oil interface judgment and tank contamination judgment.

wear elemental analysis: accurate detection of additives containing al, si, p, s, ca and zn in various engine oils, engine oils, fuels and system oils. according to the concentration of different elements, determine the wear of metal machinery and the necessity for oil replacement.

additive analysis: analyzing high-quality lubricants (mixed based on a special formulation of organic, metallic additives) for precision equipment at extreme temperatures and loads. 

hydrocarbon analysis: measuring calcium, sulfur, magnesium, aluminum, phosphorus, silicon, chlorine, etc. in a certain concentration of hydrocarbons and aqueous solutions.

technical parameters and specifications

instrument dimensions


sample holder dimensions




excitation source

50kv/200μa maximum pipe pressure pipe flow 4w


si-pin detector

display system

based on i.mx6 quad quad-core cortex-a9 processor

dedicated analytical grade operating system, 32gb system memory

power supply system

intelligent battery management through msbus bus, real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of

battery and backup battery. the battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.

a single battery can last 8 hours.



data transmission

usb, bluetooth

operating environment temperature


operating environment humidity

10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing


5.7″ retractable color touch screen display

test time


safety protection

built-in radiation protection device (automatically cut off)

safety interlock, can open the instrument only in power on condition, (seal performance)

radiation indicator


built-in 5 megapixel high-definition camera

relevant standards

lanscientific® oil portable xrf analyzer meets the following testing standards

gb/t17040-2008 determination of sulfur in chinese petroleum and petroleum products

gb/t 17060-1998 determination of sulfur in chinese crude oil

gb/t 380-1977 determination of sulfur content in chinese petroleum products

gb/t 17411-2015 marine fuel oil

sh/t 0253-1992 determination of total sulfur in light petroleum products

sh/t 0631-1996 determination of barium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc in lubricating oils and additives

iso 8754-2003 determination of sulfur content of international petroleum products

iso 20847-2004  determination of sulfur content of international petroleum products, motor fuel

iso 13032-2010 determination of sulfur content of international gasoline fuels

iso 20847-2004  determination of sulfur content of international petroleum products, motor fuel

usa astm d4294 test methods for sulfur in u.s. petroleum and petroleum products

usa astm d7220 standard test method for sulfur in u.s. petroleum and petrochemical products

usa astm d7039-2007 test method for sulfur in us gasoline and diesel

usa astm d5453-2009 test method for total sulfur in engine fuels and engine oil in the united states

astm d6481-1999 standard test method for phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and zinc in u.s. lubricants

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