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truex soil heavy metal analyzer
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truex 700 hand-held soil analyzer

product advantage

environmental pollution monitoring and remediation is a severe, high-cost worldwide challenge. whether it is mathematical modeling and risk assessment of contaminated sites, or on-site monitoring of toxic and harmful substances and elimination of lead in paint, on-site collection and rapid and accurate analysis of thousands of samples is an essential basic ability; but unfortunately, in the past, only relying on laboratory testing, not only cost a lot of time, but also cost a lot of cost. now,lanscientific scientific instrument provides you with a better solution, which can realize the real-time detection of elements on site by using truex series handheld analyzer. this solution is favored by many chinese academy of environmental sciences and other major regulatory agencies in the world.

the element can be quickly detected on the spot with the help of a little button. due to its light weight and ability to operate in most environmental and weather conditions, you can easily detect rcra metals, major pollutants and items required by the chinese ministry of environment. lanscientific truex handheld environmental analyzer can quickly obtain reliable analysis data and help you to formulate strategies in time. its detection cost is far lower than that of laboratory analysis.

product characteristics

1,the instrument is smaller, lighter weight, easy to carry.

2,high-speed processing chip, advanced algorithms and efficient software to make the instrument analysis faster.

3,industrial resistance touch screen, compared to the capacitive screen has a better backlight performance, in the field of light is still clearly visible, while the field of special environment to avoid the risk of glove removal.

4,the use of anti slip body of the fuselage design, very lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and integrated wave of the most cutting-edge research and innovation.

5,support the instrument battery hot plug, can be replaced in the working state of the battery, no need to shut down.

6,the user can be customized to create a professional report: including company logo, company address, detection results, spectral and other sample information (such as product description, origin, lot number, etc.).

analysis of elements and patterns


standard configuration mode analysis range, such as special elements, can be added

truex  700

can analyze k,ca,ti,v,cr,mn,fe,co,ni,cu,zn,as,se,rb,sr,y,zr,nb,mo,ag,cd,sn,sb,w,re,pd,au,hg, pb,bi,cs,ba,th,u,totaling 34 elements.

application range

1. on site monitoring of metals involved in the rcra and priority controlled contaminated metals.

2. it can analyze: sand, sludge, solid waste, soil, mud; dust, dust, filter, membrane layer, etc.

3. it also provides theoretical basis for in-depth analysis of pollution control and remediation methods.

4. the diseases caused by environmental pollution are related to many heavy metal elements, such as cancer (ni, cr), kidney disease (as, pb), liver disease (as, cu), pneumoconiosis (fe), asthma (ni) and parkinson's disease (mn).

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