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atmospheric heavy metal online monitor

product introduction

atmospheric heavy metal on-line monitor is lanscientific co., ltd., fusion x fluorescence nondestructive testing technology, automatic air particulates enrichment technology, independent research and development of the monitoring instrument miniaturization, the advantages of small size, low detection limit, several accurate, high temporal resolution, which can realize the air particulate matter of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic continuous monitoring, the stationing, suitable for grid, intensive is widely applied to urban atmospheric environment monitoring, the plant unorganized emissions, traffic exhaust gas pollution monitoring, emergency monitoring, etc.

the product principle

after stimulated with x-ray bombardment sample, sample produce x-ray fluorescence, x-ray often the element layer atomic layer k and l up the inner electron atoms, outer electrons fill holes are high-energy, added to the low energy high-energy electrons orbit the excess energy by x ray fluorescence radiation, the radiation of spectral line contains the characteristics of the various elements, like fingerprints, and independent of the chemical valence state of the atom. the intensity of the radiation is proportional to the concentration of the element in the sample.

application range

on-line monitoring of nuclear radiation at radiation monitoring stations

on-line heavy metal detection after solid waste or waste incineration

rapid detection of heavy metals in automobile exhaust

environmental assessment, permit

location of pollution source, traceability pollution forecast and early warning

other field test and test enforcement

emergency emergency monitoring

relevant standards

comprehensive prevention and control of heavy metal pollution during the 12th five-year plan period

comprehensive air pollutant emission standard (gb16297-1996)

"determination of particulate matter in exhaust of fixed sources and sampling of gaseous pollutants" (gb/t16157-1996)

technical code for monitoring stationary source waste gas (hj/t397-2007)

technical guidelines for unorganized emission monitoring of air pollutants (hj/t55-2000)

technical requirements and monitoring methods for ambient air sampler (hj/t375-2007)

technical specification for automatic monitoring of ambient air quality (hj/t193-2005)

"data transmission standard for online automatic monitoring (monitoring) system of pollution sources" (hj/t212-2005)

notice on strengthening the preparation of the 13th five-year plan for environmental protection (huan fa [2014] no. 191)

air pollution prevention and control action plan (gfa [2013] no. 37)

ambient air quality standard (gb3095-2012)

air pollution prevention and control in key regions during the 12th five-year plan period (guo han [2012] no. 146)

notice of the general office of the state council on strengthening environmental supervision and law enforcement (guo ban fa [2014] no. 56)

methods for self-monitoring and information disclosure of state key supervision and control enterprises (trial) (huanfa [2013] no. 81)

technical guide for source analysis of atmospheric particulate matter (trial) (huanfa [2013] no. 92)

emission standard for air pollutants from thermal power plants (gb13223-2011)

guiding opinions on strengthening the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution

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