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truex 860 hand-held alloy analyzer

lanscientific truex hand-held alloy analyzer (xrf) is a boiler, container, pipe, manufacturing and other high temperature and high pressure industry in the production process of material reliability identification (pmi) important means. in the production process of iron and steel smelting, nonferrous metals, aerospace, weapons manufacturing, submarines, ships and other military, civilian state key engineering industry to identify metal materials. in the petrochemical refining, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, power plants, aerospace and other engineering construction process for the identification of metal materials to ensure equipment acceptance, material acceptance, to meet the requirements of the project. is a powerful tool for the identification of metals in the recycling industry.

lanscientific truex widely used in quality control, material classification, alloy identification, safety prevention, accident investigation and field application scenarios, rapid analysis of alloy identification, metal components, to solve the problem of the most basic raw materials of industrialization, truex handheld alloy analyzer integrated scientific research and innovation at the forefront of lanscientific, is a powerful tool for the identification of metal the material in the production process. at the same time the user can according to their own needs, to create an exclusive personalized analysis system.

the built-in factory grade library contains 380 kinds of alloy, the built-in including special industry mold, electric power, petrochemical and other professional grade library, solve the construction industry application of each country brand conversion problem, also built two extensive custom expansion alloy base alloy, simultaneous analysis of as many as 600 kinds, analysis of more than ten thousand kinds of alloy material.

the configuration of the super-fp algorithm can accurately analyze the content and material of the metal element without switching mode!

alloy family

iron-based alloy series (stainless steel, chromium/molybdenum alloy steel, low alloy steel, tool steel, seamless steel).

nickel-based alloy series (nickel alloy, nickel/cobalt alloy).

cobalt-based alloy series.

titanium-based alloy series.

copper-based alloy series (bronze, brass, copper and nickel alloy, etc.).

high temperature alloys (molybdenum tungsten alloy).

aluminum-based alloy.

other alloys.

analysis of elements and patterns

1、nondestructive, rapid and accurate analysis of alloy elements and alloy grade identification on the site.

2、metal identification / scrap metal sorting.

3、qa/qc management in the production of metal, processing and manufacturing, etc.

4、medicine and biological medicine.

5、identification of cathode materials, petroleum refining and petrochemical industry.

6、thermal power plant, hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power plant.

7、accurate element analysis of raw material and pmi identification so as to meet production needs and ensure security of equipment and materials used in the process.

application characteristics

excellent performance(for field, nondestructive, fast and accurate)

truex shows element symbols in both english and chinese. with high precision, high testing speed and comparable results to even that of laboratory equipment, truex  displays alloy grade and elements percentage content (up to three decimals) and ppm content in an apparent way.

nondestructive testing (ndt)

truex test does not damage or have any adverse effect on the use of samples. no damage is foreseen in the entire test process.

lanscientific analysis software

lanscientific analysis software is a professional analysis software which enables the users to easily configure passwords, customize analysis reports attached with company logo and implement remote control of machine; users can edit alloy grade library, add their own grade number or define their own company's alloy brands; the software also allows automatic calibration of instrument and diagnosis of problems in a remote way; the software can be updated via internet.

scrap metal recycling and sorting

scrap metal recycling, reuse, and on-site analysis and sorting. truex  offers a rapid and reliable identification of the scrap metals when scrap metals are transacted between buyers and sellers. truex® delivers quantitative element analysis of iron alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, copper-iron alloy,lead-tin alloy, mixed alloys, etc, and rapid identification and sorting of these alloys on the site.

application fields, safety and standards

truex  is suitable for alloy material identification (pmi) for incoming inspection;material inventory management;re-inspection of construction materials in petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessel, power plant, petrochemical industry, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries to avoid serious safety accidents resulting from mixed or unqualified materials. truex® is in compliance with antm standard, china national standard (gb), uns, electric industry standard (dl), api, jis, gmp, tsg, mechanical industry standard (jb), etc.

quality control, quality assurance (qc/qa) and error-proofing(pkka - yoke)

in metal processing and manufacturing industry, quality control and quality assurance (qc/qa) and error proofing (pkka - yoke) of materials (raw materials), semi-finished products and finished products is indispensable. use of mixed or unqualified materials will bring losses to the company. this is true to companies ranging from small metal processing plants to large aircraft manufacturers.

data processing and enterprise resource planning (erp)

data can be transferred via usb, wifi and bluetooth and stored in excel, pdf or other formats. users can customize the reports by adding their company logos, addresses, test results, spectrum and others (such as product description, origin of goods and batch number); i-cloud data storage service is optional. data can transport to enterprise resource planning (erp) system.

technical parameters and specifications


1.6kg(with battery)



excitation source

50kv/200μa maximum pipe pressure pipe flow can be adjusted freely,agtarget (standard),au,w,rh target(optional)


sdd detector

range of detection

all elements between mg and u.

display system

industrial resistive touch screen with screen size of 4.3".proprietary operating system and lanscientific analysis software.multiple languages including english and chinese.and it automatically adjusts display brightness according to the environment brightness.

data processing

32gb memory.usb, bluetooth, wifi,or liked to the internet; instrument can be configured and repaired can be exported via excel or pdf. users can customize the reports by adding their company logos, addresses, test results, spectrum and others (such as product description, origin and batch number).

heat dissipation

equipped with a dedicated t-shaped radiator to dissipate the heat,no need to wait for cooling of detector time again.


built in doublebeam technology to automatically detect the front of the sample, to improve the safety and protection of the radiation level, waterproof,dust-proof and shockproof suitcase.lanscientific safety band.

power supply system

intelligent battery management through msbus bus, real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery.the battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.a single battery can last 8 hours.

relevant standards


standard configuration mode analysis range, such as special elements, can be added

truex 860

mg,al,si,p,s,ti,v,cr,mn,fe,co,ni,cu,zn,se,zr,nb,mo,rh,pd,ag,cd,sn,sb,hf,ta,w,re,pb,bi,a total of 30 standard elements.

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