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truex 960 hand-held mineral analyzer

product advantage

1,selection of imported high performance x ray emission tube and ultra high resolution detector, combined with digital multi-channel processing technology, making the truex handheld ore analyzer with super high analysis accuracy.

2,according to altitude automatic adjustment pressure factor, adaptive altitude reaction and make pressure model parameter adjustment. the excitation effect of light element is increased by 40% compared with that of rare earth element, and the excitation effect is improved by 30%.

3,the device can be linked to the internet, remote setting and maintenance of instrument.

4,can be combined with the built-in gps data in latitude and longitude and altitude data, through the introduction of third party gis analysis software, construction of geographic element content 3-d distribution, the rapid assessment of mineral reserves or geological environmental disaster area.

analysis of ore types

iron ore (hematite, titanium, iron, etc.)

copper (chalcopyrite, cuprite, malachite etc.)

chromium (chromium spinel, chromite, chrombismite etc.)

molybdenum (copper molybdenum, molybdenum, tungsten and molybdenum ore etc.)

tungsten (tin tungsten scheelite, wolframite, etc.)

tantalum ore (tantalite columbite, pyrochlore, etc.)

lead-zinc ore (galena, sphalerite, cerussite etc.)

(nickel laterite ore, copper nickel sulphide etc.)

other minerals

product characteristics

1,the instrument is smaller, lighter weight, easy to carry.

2,high-speed processing chip, advanced algorithms and efficient software to make the instrument analysis faster.

3,industrial resistance touch screen, compared to the capacitive screen has a better backlight performance, in the field of light is still clearly visible, while the field of special environment to avoid the risk of glove removal.

4,the use of anti slip body of the fuselage design, very lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and integrated wave of the most cutting-edge research and innovation.

5,support the instrument battery hot plug, can be replaced in the working state of the battery, no need to shut down.

6,the user can be customized to create a professional report: including company logo, company address, detection results, spectral and other sample information (such as product description, origin, lot number, etc.).

analysis of elements and patterns


standard configuration mode analysis range, such as special elements, can be added


 analysis of mg,al,si,p,s,cl,k,ca,ti,v,cr,mn,fe,co,ni,cu,zn,as,se,rb,sr,y,zr,nb,mo,ag,cd,sn,sb,hf,ta,w,au,hg,pb,bi,a total of 36 kinds of standard elements

application range

1. to concentrate, slag, tailings and other mineral grade for accurate and rapid analysis, for the mineral trade, processing, and to provide a basis for the value of re use;

2. slag, tailings in the remaining elements of the ore analysis, to determine its value again;

3. in the process of ore mining, boring, grinding, and concentrated in the smelting process of product inspection, determine the grade of filter pool, storage pond and steel tank solution analysis;

4. a large scale of the mining area, the effective measurement of the zone model, drawing mine map, real-time survey;

5. the fast track mineralization, and effectively find "hot spots" area, ore bodies;

6. the milling head, concentrate and slag fast, accurate analysis, in order to establish an efficient mining and enrichment process;

7. through the analysis of the conveying materials, concentrates and slag, to determine the effectiveness of the process of extraction and concentration. field description and grade control;

8. through real-time in situ analysis of a number of samples, to carry out the guidance of the mining plan, effective management of mining, blasting;

9. with the use of gis/gps, the development of more thorough decision-making, while saving a lot of time and labor costs;

10. rapid analysis of many elements of the scene, the process can be widely used in reconnaissance and detailed investigation, tracking mineralization, exploration extended range. can greatly reduce the number of laboratory samples back to the test, so as to save the cost of transportation and analysis;

11. orebody delineation, lode determination, precise management and control of the mining process, at any time to detection of ore grade;

12. the rapid analysis of core and other drilling samples, the establishment of three-dimensional mine map, analysis of reserves, can greatly improve the drilling site instant decision-making efficiency;

1. rapid analysis and detection of the surrounding environment, tailings, dust, soil pollutants, etc., to assess the effect of mine environmental restoration;

technical parameters and specifications


1.6kg(with battery)



excitation source

50kv/200μa maximum pipe pressure pipe flow can be adjusted freely,agtarget (standard),au,w,rh target(optional)


sdd detector

range of detection

all elements between mg and u.

display system

industrial resistive touch screen with screen size of 4.3".proprietary operating system and lanscientific analysis software.multiple languages including english and chinese.and it automatically adjusts display brightness according to the environment brightness.

data processing

32gb memory.usb, bluetooth, wifi,or liked to the internet; instrument can be configured and repaired can be exported via excel or pdf. users can customize the reports by adding their company logos, addresses, test results, spectrum and others (such as product description, origin and batch number).

heat dissipation

equipped with a dedicated t-shaped radiator to dissipate the heat,no need to wait for cooling of detector time again.


built in doublebeam technology to automatically detect the front of the sample, to improve the safety and protection of the radiation level, waterproof,dust-proof and shockproof suitcase.lanscientific safety band.

power supply system

intelligent battery management through msbus bus, real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery.the battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.a single battery can last 8 hours.

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