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scopex coat xrf analyzer
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scopex coat 2 analyzer

product introduction

xrf is a coating technique widely used to measure the thickness and composition of coatings. it has the advantages of nondestructive, rapid and high accuracy.

scopex coat 2 analyzer is suitable for multilayer coating thickness measurement and material analysis. it can be used to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the elemental composition of samples. it can also be used for thickness measurement of coatings and coating systems. it is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, hardware products, standard parts, electronic components, electrical components, mechanical parts, bathroom decoration products, jewelry and other fields.

application range

application field

pcb circuit board

pcb is one of the important components of electronic industry. with the rapid development of industry and technology, the demand for pcb board is increasing day by day, and the process of pcb board is also put forward higher requirements.

metal plating

at present, the common pcb surface treatment processes on the market include hot air leveling, organic coating osp, electroless nickel plating, gold dipping, silver dipping, tin dipping and nickel plating. it can effectively control the quality of products with coating thickness, such as pcb and circuit board, to avoid the loss caused by quality problems.

in the metal plating industry, the thickness of the metal coating, the concentration and content of the metal plating solution can be effectively analyzed to meet the production needs, to ensure that the production process and finished coating to meet the standards.

it can accurately detect the composition and concentration of electroplating solution, ensure the quality of electroplating, and effectively detect the heavy metal content in industrial waste water and waste produced by electroplating.


the instrument is widely used in the jewelry industry. it is mainly used to detect the metal content of jewelry and the coating thickness of plating jewelry.

testing institutions, scientific research laboratories, etc

testing institutions are mainly used to test whether the product is up to standard, scientific research institutions are used to do scientific research, such as plating solution formula, the relationship between coating thickness and product performance.

technical parameters and specifications

instrument specifications


x-ray fluorescence analysis

determination method

energy dispersion type

range of measurement

all the elements from sodium to uranium.

sample room size


maximum sample weight


open way

automatic control

x - ray generating department

x-ray tube

high power side window x-ray tube





cooling way

空冷   air cooling





large area sdd detector

cooling way

peltier cooling

sample room

 measurement situation

atmosphere, vacuum(optional), helium(optional)

sample observation

5 megapixel high-definition industrial camera

computer configuration


i3-7100同等主频或以上 i3-7100, same dominant frequency or above


ddr4 4g内存或以上   ddr4 4g or above


1tb hdd/256gb ssd or above


windows 10


environment setup

temperature conditions


relative humidity

40~70%(no dew)

power supply


rated power



equipment size


equipment weight


product detail

performance advantages key intelligent operation

the whole analysis process can be completed in a few seconds, and the operation is simple, even for non-technical personnel.

2.easy to customize

on the basis of testing, it provides a variety of user-defined settings, which can change the test conditions according to the needs of testing, and also change the threshold according to the needs of screening, so as to realize the personalized screening of different materials and different elements.

3.multi form data output

the analysis data report can be made in pdf format or excel format. when you export data in excel format, you can also confirm and edit the data in detail in the table. users can also customize and create professional reports, including company logo, company address, test results, spectrogram and other sample information (such as product description, origin, batch number, etc.).

4. perfect safety protection

the radiation indicator lights on the left and right sides of the device automatically breathe during the measurement process, and the built-in doublebeam™ technology automatically detects whether there is a sample in front of the device, improving radiation safety and protection levels.

5.accurate and reliable qualitative and quantitative methods

the integration of super fp algorithm, correction curve method and other advanced algorithms makes the instrument not only faster, more accurate and more consistent.

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