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lichromark liquid chromatography

product introduction

the lichromark high performance liquid chromatography system features a number of new patented technologies, providing a stable, reliable, excellent quality and reasonable price chromatographic system for rohs/elv compliance and halogen-free analysis for separation, analysis, and purification.

the lichromark hplc system can be directly composed of a high pressure constant current pump and a uv detector to form an isometric analysis system. a workstation can also be used to control several high-pressure constant current pumps, uv detectors and thermostatic cylinders at the same time to perform multiple high-pressure gradient elution, wavelength scanning and other functions.

the lichromark hplc system is intuitive and easy to operate. it can be disconnected from the computer through the instrument itself keypad input all control information, all operations are displayed on the lcd screen. it can also be connected to a computer, using workstation software. there are no two times of analog-to-digital conversion between the workstation and the chromatograph, and the pure digital communication is adopted. what is read in are direct two-channel sampling data, without any processing, and there is no signal distortion, so as to ensure the sampling accuracy and no loss of data during post-processing. sampling accuracy up to 18 bits (0.1 second/time).

the workstation is divided into four independent units: real-time sampling, post-processing, wavelength playback and atlas comparison. real-time sampling units can directly monitor up to four pumps and uv detectors. wavelength, pump flow rate, deuterium lamp switch can be arbitrarily changed, the pump can stop at any time or switch the steering valve, so that the component remains in the flow pool, and then automatically start wavelength scanning, the component can be obtained for different wavelengths of the continuous spectrum. a transfer valve can also be connected and controlled by an event setting to achieve separation and recovery of the mobile phase. these are all other workstations can not do. in addition, all display data has been converted to an au value, without the user having to do the tedious folding.

product detail

(1) lichromark high pressure constant current pump

lichromark high pressure constant current pump is a reciprocating double plunger parallel pump controlled intelligentlyby microprocessor. it has the characteristics of high working pressure, small pulsation, stability and reliability, convenient operation and so on. diaphragm pulsed dampers combine with electronic pulsation suppression technology to control pressure pulsation and minimize baseline noise. the mechanical components of the pump are designed by computer. the case and the main parts are manufactured in the world's advanced cnc machining center. therefore, it has the characteristics of high processing accuracy, good sealing performance of pump body and good interchangeability of parts.

the plunger rod adopts a floating guide structure and the driving cam is made of high strength alloy steel. microprocessor is used to control the micro-step driving circuit, so that the stepper motor driving the pump runs smoothly, with low noise and wide speed adjustment range. it can meet the needs of conventional analysis to micro-flow analysis.

in the single pump isometric analysis, according to the instrument on the full chinese display lcd prompt statement, through the four function keys can change the various operating modes, and can easily set the flow, pressure upper and lower limits, continuous working time, pressure unit and other parameters.

the lichromark high pressure constant current pump has process monitoring function. the microprocessor controls the pump flow rate and detects the infusion pressure in real time. when the pressure exceeds the limit, it alarms and automatically stops the operation of the pump.

the overall structure of the lichromark high voltage constant current pump adopts modular design, including the mechanical part and the circuit part can be independently assembled and disassembled, so the fault inspection and replacement are very convenient.

lichromark high pressure constant current pump adopts double plunger parallel pump structure, double pump heads alternate infusion. for the same infusion volume, the piston rod and seal ring life is twice as long as that of conventional tandem pumps.

the lichromark workstation can be used to control the operation of up to four pumps through the rs232 interface, and the multivariate gradient analysis system can be established.

flow range: 0.01 ~ 50 ml/min

pressure linearity and accuracy:

the flow rate was adjusted with the step size of 0.01ml/min.

display pressure error ≤ 0.5mpa (0 ~ 25mpa)

flow accuracy: ≤0.1%

pressure pulsation: ≤ 0.2mpa

flow accuracy ≤2%

(flow 1ml/min, pressure 5 ~ 10mpa)

(flow 1ml/min, pressure 5 ~ 10mpa)

dimensions :450mm×300mm×160mm(length × width × height)

maximum working pressure: 0-25mpa

(2) lichromark type ultraviolet detector

the lichromark uv detector uses a parallel biconical flow cell. the sample cell and the reference cell are under completely equal conditions. the taper design of the flow pool can increase the light energy passing through the pool for the same volume, and significantly reduce the static noise and signal drift of the instrument. the self-check function can be turned on to judge the accuracy of the wavelength indication error by the positions of 486.6nm and 656nm on the graph, so as to ensure the excellent wavelength accuracy and the best state of the instrument.

the optical path system adopts precise positioning structure, which has high precision and small offset. the deuterium lamp holder and light path system use thermal isolation installation technology, which reduces instrument stabilization time and minimizes the effect of deuterium lamp heat on light path system.

the control circuit adopts multi-microprocessor structure. manages signal acquisition, data processing, system control and communication respectively. lichromark uv detector in the isometric analysis, can be conveniently through the full chinese lcd screen and seven function keys, set ultraviolet wavelength, filtering constant, output range, running time and other parameters. it can switch on and off the deuterium lamp, scan the spectrum, start the analysis program and other functions.

another major feature of the instrument is that the lichromark uv detector is unique in the use of digital signal direct output circuit structure, to avoid the general uv detector chromatographic signal through multiple analog-to-digital conversion and bring signal distortion and interference.

the lichromark uv detector can control deuterium lamp switch, spectral scan, relay switch, wavelength scan and other functions through the graphical interface of the lichromark workstation, conveniently setting parameters.

wavelength range: 190 ~ 680nm

baseline noise: ≤2×10-5au

spectral bandwidth: 8nm

baseline drift ≤2×10-4au

the wavelength indication error is less than 2nm

minimum detection amount: 2×10-8g/ml(methanol solution of naphthalene)

the wavelength repeatability is better than 0.2nm

dimensions: 450mm×300mm×160mm(length × width × height)

(3) lichromark chromatographic workstation

the lichromark workstation software realizes the automatic integration of uv detector and high pressure constant current pump, with powerful control function and simple and quick operation mode. the workstation has powerful data processing function, chinese and english operation interface, easy to operate the reverse control function, easy to realize the control of the pump and detector, to meet the user's needs in all aspects.

powerful control function: this set of software adopts full numerical control system, the digital operation makes the process more simple, and has a high precision. the software is mainly composed of two functional modules, namely control lc-100 liquid chromatography module and chromatographic data processing module.

control lichromark liquid chromatographic system: through rs232 communication cable between and lichromark ultraviolet detector and lichromark ultraviolet detector and lichromark rs485 communication cable between the high pressure constant flow pump, under the graphical interface control at the same time can be up to four lichromark high pressure constant flow pump, as well as lichromark ultraviolet detector, realize multiple high pressure gradient elution, wavelength scanning, spectral scanning switch and relay events, and other functions, and can display multiple pump flow - time curve and wavelength scanning curve, etc.

gradient elution: users only need to input the ratio of various mobile phases, flow rate and its change time in the corresponding list, then the gradient elution operation can be easily and accurately realized. in addition, the software also provides the corresponding pump flow curve, so that the user can proofread the gradient setting, and the user can understand the gradient operation process more intuitively.

spectral scan: to test the deuterium lamp, the software provides the spectral scan function. first of all, the user can directly detect the intensity of the deuterium lamp at different wavelengths and determine whether the deuterium lamp needs to be replaced. secondly, the accuracy of the wavelength error can be judged by the positions of 486.6nm and 656nm on the spectrum.

wavelength scanning: wavelength scanning function provided by the software ranges from 180-680nm, with a minimum step size of 1nm. it can help users clearly understand the absorption of ultraviolet light of different wavelengths, so that users can use different detection wavelengths for different samples to achieve the best analysis effect.

event relay: the event relay with time program control can realize various functions required by users, such as switching steering valve to achieve separation and recovery of flow equality. these functions are not available on popular workstations.

chromatographic data processing system: accept the digital signal sent by the lichromark uv detector, and directly process the data. basic skills:

6 kinds of quantitative calculation methods: normalized method, modified normalized method, modified normalized method with scaling factor, internal standard method, external standard method, and exponential calculation method.

calibration operation: can achieve a variety of different concentrations of standard samples for calibration, the establishment of sample concentration-area correction curve.

flexible peak recognition and processing capability: chromatographic peaks and processing can be identified by setting peak processing parameters and time program, or can be manually processed.

spectrum arrangement: chromatographic graph, set quantitative calculation method, peak processing parameters, peak identification table, etc., can be saved to the user's named file.

because the lichromark chromatographic workstation receives the real-time digital sampling signal of the light intensity of the sample pool and the reference pool sent by the ultraviolet detector, the most original data information is saved in the workstation, and there is no signal distortion caused by multiple signal processing, so there is no restriction on the post-processing work of the chromatographic signal.

due to the realization of real-time data processing and control, when the specified chromatographic peak is detected in the analysis process, the pump operation can be automatically stopped or the switching valve can be controlled, the specified component is kept in the flow pool, and then the wavelength scanning can be automatically started to get the spectrum of the absorption rate of the component to different wavelengths.

simple and quick operation mode: because the workstation real-time control and data processing of the chromatographic system two modules are under the chinese windows operating system, provides a graphical interface and menu function selection as well as the cursor linger prompt function, so easy to operate, flexible switching. chromatographic analysts with some basic computer knowledge can be used without training.

simple and clear interface settings: the main interface of the software includes all the basic settings of the uv detector and the high-pressure constant current pump. when using the software, you only need to click the mouse button and directly input the keyboard. the user can control the deuterium lamp switch at any time according to the need, real-time sampling data to zero, adjust the filtering time and wavelength setting, etc., and can also set the event and enable the wavelength scanning program during operation. users can also control the start and stop of the pump at any time, and set the upper and lower limits of pressure and the immediate flow accordingly.

convenient and clear parameter setting: in the dialog box of parameter setting, users can determine the peak processing parameters and system setting parameters only by directly entering different parameter values according to their needs.

one-step unit conversion: the lichromark workstation has converted all chromatographic data processing parameters into units related to the au value of the absorption rate, eliminating the need for cumbersome conversion.

relevant standards

response to the instructions

response to eu rohs2.0 directive -- 2011/65/eu

react to halogen-free directive iec61249-2-21

response to reach directive

react to toy en71 instruction

addressing the cpsia consumer product safety improvement act

voluntary certification should be introduced by china-rohs

conform to iec62321 standard

in accordance with gb/t26125-2011

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