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ra200 handheld raman spectrometer
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ra200 raman spectrometer

product overview

ra200 is a hand-held raman spectrometer launched by lanscientific co., ltd. it adopts spatial coupling optical and electronic design, as well as scientific stoichiometry algorithm, which is easy to operate and has excellent performance. it is widely used in medicine, petroleum, chemical industry and environmental protection. food, materials, public security, maritime affairs, national defense and other fields.

the product principle

raman spectroscopy is a nondestructive analytical technique based on the interactions of photosynthetic materials. raman spectroscopy can provide detailed information on the chemical structure, phase and morphology, crystallinity, and molecular interactions of the sample.

raman is a light scattering technique. when the high-intensity incident light of a laser source is scattered by molecules, most of the scattered light has the same wavelength (color) as the incident laser, and this scattering is called rayleigh scattering. however, a very small fraction (about 1/109) of the scattered light has a different wavelength (color) than the incident light, and the change in wavelength is determined by the chemical structure of the test sample (the so-called scattered material). this part of the scattering is called raman scattering.

application range

1. pharmaceutical field

raw materials identification;

quick drug inspection and cracking down on counterfeits;

the detection of western medicine added in traditional chinese medicine

2. petrochemical industry

oil analysis;

inspection of chemical raw materials, intermediate products and finished products

3. jewelry archaeology

whether to stain for identification;

crack filling material identification;

authenticity and fake identification

4. materials science

quality appraisal;

structural identification;

polymer detection and identification

5. security check and criminal investigation

rapid detection of drugs or contraband;

explosives detection;

identification of material evidence, etc

6. food safety

illegal added detection;

identification of adulteration and authenticity

7. biomedicine

nondestructive testing;

bacteriological tests, etc.

8. others

scientific research;

environmental detection;

optical and semiconductor component testing, etc

technical parameters and specifications

the operating system


the laser wavelength,

785 ±0.5 nm

raman frequency shift range

200 - 3000cm-1

the resolution of the

< 6 cm - 1

touch screen

5 inches, 1920 x 1080, multi-touch


17.5cm l x 10.6cm w x 6cm h

the weight of the

1.1 kg

communication interface

4g, wifi, usb, bluetooth

the database

up to over 20,000 substances database

the report output

supports the export of multi-information detection report (detection results, spectral information, photographic evidence collection)

work hours

> eight hours

charging way


operating temperature

- 20-50 ℃

working environment humidity

0% - 90% rh

relevant standards

general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, standard for handheld raman spectrometers:

nanotechnology laser confocal microscopy raman spectrometer performance test

national technical specification for metrology, standard for hand-held raman spectrometers:

jjf 1544-2015 raman spectrometer calibration specification

american society for materials and testing, standard for hand-held raman spectrometers

astme2911-2013 standard guide for relative strength correction of raman spectrometers

astme2529-2006(2014) standard guide for solution testing with raman spectrometers

astme2529-2006 standard guide for solution testing with raman spectrometers

astme2529-2006 standard guide for measuring the resolution of raman spectrometers with el

national metrological verification regulations, standard for handheld raman spectrometers:

verification regulation of laser raman spectrometer jjg 02-1992

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