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portable xrf- raman analyzer
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pedx raman xrf-rama spectrometer

product overview

portable x - ray fluorescence - raman xrf-raman spectrometer is an integrated analysis instrument designed for the needs of users by lanscientific co., ltd.. it integrates xrf technology, raman spectroscopy technology and scientific stoichiometrics algorithm. it has the characteristics of small volume, simple preparation/no sample preparation, short determination time, high sensitivity, wide analysis range and low cost, and is used in chemical research, polymer materials and biomedical science. indispensable analytical equipment for drug testing, gem identification and other fields.

the product principle

principles of x-ray fluorescence technology

after stimulated with x-ray bombardment sample, sample produce x-ray fluorescence, x-ray often the element layer atomic layer k and l up the inner electron atoms, outer electrons fill holes are high-energy, added to the low energy high-energy electrons orbit the excess energy by x ray fluorescence radiation, the radiation of spectral line contains the characteristics of the various elements, like fingerprints, and independent of the chemical valence state of the atom. the intensity of the radiation is proportional to the concentration of the element in the sample.

principle of raman spectroscopy

raman spectroscopy is a nondestructive analytical technique that is based on the interaction of light and materials. raman spectroscopy can provide detailed information on the chemical structure, phase and morphology, crystallinity, and molecular interactions of the sample.

raman is a light scattering technique. when the high-intensity incident light of a laser source is scattered by molecules, most of the scattered light has the same wavelength (color) as the incident laser, and this scattering is called rayleigh scattering. however, there is a very small fraction (about 1/109) of scattered light whose wavelength (color) is different from that of the incident light, and whose wavelength change is determined by the chemical structure of the test sample (the so-called scattered material). this fraction of scattered light is called raman scattering.

application range


raw materials identification; quick drug inspection and cracking down on counterfeits; the detection of western medicine added in traditional chinese medicine; bacteria inspection

petroleum chemical industry

oil analysis; inspection of chemical raw materials, intermediate products and finished products

jewelry archaeological

whether to stain for identification; crack filling material identification; authenticity and fake identification

materials science

quality appraisal; structural identification; polymer detection and identification

security forensic

rapid detection of drugs or contraband; explosives detection; identification of material evidence; identification of hazardous materials

food safety

illegal added detection; food heavy metal detection; identification of adulteration and authenticity


scientific research; environmental detection; optical and semiconductor component testing, etc

technical parameters and specifications

the operating system


the laser wavelength,

785 / - 0.5 nm

laser power

0-500mw, adjustable

raman frequency shift range

200 - 3000cm-1

raman resolution

< 6 cm - 1

xrf energy resolution


xrf detection range

mg (magnesium) -- u (uranium)

x-ray tube target material

w/ag/ rh target material (optional)

x-ray tube voltage

50kv /200μa upper limit, tube pressure and tube flow can be adjusted freely

touch screen

5. 7 inches


20cm l x 20m w x 2.68cm h

the weight of the


communication interface

4g, wifi, usb, bluetooth

operating temperature

- 20-50 ℃

working humidity

0% - 90% rh

signal to noise ratio

> 3000:1

the power supply system

independent power supply can support 4-6 hours working time,comply with the air dangerous goods transport ordinanceit is based on the i.mx6 quad quad-core cortex-a9 processor

system processor

dedicated analytical level operating system,80mhz adc digital pulse processor,4096 mca channel, 32gb storage

product detail

product features

1, portability: the instrument is light and small, easy to carry, can be free to conduct laboratory/field scientific research.

2, one-button intelligent operation: the one-button operation design, just press the detection button can quickly get accurate results, simple operation, even non-technical personnel can also easily grasp the use of the method.

3, on-site rapid qualitative analysis: no sample preparation/sample preparation is simple, one key test, a few seconds to give the result, specially developed for on-site rapid qualitative analysis, with good environmental adaptability.

4, high safety: with professional multiple protection radiation treatment, measurement instrument full range without any radiation leakage.

5. multi-form data output: the instrument is equipped with a portable bluetooth printer, and the data can be output in excel or pdf format. users can create custom reports.

6, easy customization: the instrument adopts embedded color touch screen, the operation interface is simple and intuitive, users can build their own database and instrument management according to the actual needs.

7. cloud service function: pedx raman is equipped with mobile app service that can synchronously control instruments. the mobile app service can operate, transmit and manage data, labels and other information, and easily realize system data docking and sharing.

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