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yang oil ultra low sulfur oil analyzer

product introduction

yang oil is an xrf analysis instrument specially designed for oil testing by lanscientific. it integrates many years of xrf research and developed technology, crystal grating spectrophotometry technology and high intelligent xrf analysis software. it has the advantages of small and portable, simple operation, fast and accurate, etc. it can quickly detect the sulfur content in gasoline, diesel oil, blending distillate, jet fuel, ethanol gasoline, residual oil, lubricating oil, crude oil and other oil products. it is an ideal tool for law enforcement and detection of ecological environment departments and transportation departments.

product principle

the x-ray tube emission spectrum consists of continuous spectral lines and characteristic spectral lines. the fully focused hyperboloid curved crystal only diffused the characteristic x-ray of high intensity in the x-ray tube emission spectrum, so that the x-ray incident on the sample has good monochromaticity. so sample from exit x-ray in addition to the elements in the samples are produced by fluorescence x-ray and monochrome outside of rayleigh scattering and the compton scattering of the incident ray scattering background, there is no continuous to ensure element under test characteristic line has very low background interference, are elements of the fluorescence x-ray detection with the detector, high resolution and high sensitivity test results are obtained.

analysis of elements and patterns

sulfur detection limit


3sigma (ppm)




application range

application field

it is mainly used for analyzing the sulfur content of liquid oils such as automotive gasoline, diesel oil, blending distillate, jet fuel, kerosene, biodiesel, blending biodiesel fuel, ethanol gasoline, naphtha, residual oil, lubricating oil, crude oil and so on.

for instance

suitable for raw material screening, finished products, quality control and other links in petrochemical enterprises;

applicable to environmental supervision departments, quality supervision departments screening oil quality, including but not limited to heavy road cargo transport vehicles, non-road mobile machinery, gas stations, petrochemical enterprises, ship fuel and other law enforcement testing.

technical parameters and specifications




418mm × 330mm × 173mm

excitation source

air cooled x-ray tube


hyperboloid curved crystal-dcc crystal



measuring range



equipped with lithium battery, a single battery can work for 4 hours,

the laboratory environment can also be used through the adapter power supply.

operating temperature


operating humidity


data output

usb, gps,4g

measuring time


detection limit





base on i.mx6 quad cortex-a9

 80mhz adc  digital pulse processor

4096 mca   32 gb memory

product detail

product details

portable: waterproof and dustproof box (ip67 waterproof and dustproof grade) all-in-one machine design, portable test platform, so that both field detection and laboratory analysis could be used. one key test, simple operation, automatic detection, no calibration, free laboratory/field scientific research.

good environmental adaptability: specially developed for rapid field analysis, the instrument can be fog-proof, dustproof, shockproof, can adapt to the harsh environment.

heat dissipation: the instrument is equipped with a special two-way ventilation heat dissipation device to improve the heat dissipation performance of the instrument.

safety: yang has multiple professional radiation protection treatment (sample chamber radiation shielding measures, safety interlocking device), the instrument is omnidirectional without any radiation leakage.

cloud service: the device is equipped with mobile app service that can be synchronized and controlled. the mobile app service can operate, transmit and manage data, labels and other information, and easily realize system data interconnection and sharing.

data printing: yang is configured with a portable bluetooth printer, and data can be output in excel, pdf format, users can create custom reports.

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