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scopex ash analyzer

the scopex ash is designed for coal ash composition analysis in coking enterprises. it is equipped with intelligent software and high-quality hardware, with wide linear range, fast analysis speed, good reproducibility and high accuracy. it is widely used in cement, iron and steel smelting, mineral exploitation and smelting, refractory materials, powder metallurgy, petroleum exploration, rare earth materials, environmental monitoring, non-ferrous metals, food, agriculture, scientific research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields.

application range

 application field

coal mining, coal washing, coal blending

coking, coal gasification

coal power, petrochemical industry

ore exploration and development, rock, core, rare earth element analysis

metal alloy analysis, iron and steel smelting

cement, limestone

technical parameters and specifications



x-ray fluorescence analysis

determination method

energy dispersion type

the determination of the object

solid, liquid, powder

range of measurement

all the elements from sodium to uranium. it can analyze fe, ca, mg, k, na, mn, p, si, al, ti, s and other elements, and the elements can also be added or modified by the user to suit the use of specific environment.

the equipment size

w570mm x d400mm x h400mm

equipment weight


sample room size

w368mm x d304mm x h78mm

open way

the automatic control


x - ray generating department

x-ray tube

high performance miniature x-ray tube

target materials

target w/ag/rh 





cooling way

air cooling


5mm,3mm,1mm,0.5mm switchover automatically





boost sdd

cooling way

 peltier cooling

resolution ratio



sample room

measurement situation

atmosphere, vacuum, helium

sample observation

5 megapixel high-definition industrial camera


manual filling(scopex ash 980cs)

automatic filling(scopex ash 980csr)

product detail

product details

excellent performance

element symbols are displayed in english and chinese, with high accuracy, fast speed, close to the analysis level of laboratory grade, which can visually display the alloy brand and element percentage content (the element can reach three decimal places) and ppm content. the entire analysis process takes only a few seconds to complete, alloy identification takes only 1-2 seconds, one-click operation, even non-technical personnel can easily master.


the test does not damage or affect the performance of the tested object, does not harm the internal organization of the tested object, and has no damage in the whole test process.

lanscientific analysis software

lanscientific professional management analysis software allows you to easily set the security user password, customized and personalized analysis report with the company logo, easy to achieve remote control of the instrument; users can edit alloy brand library, add alloy brand and enterprise custom brand; automatic calibration and diagnosis of instrument failure; software upgrades can be implemented over the internet.

vacuum mode

intelligent vacuum system, shielding the influence of air, greatly expanding the range of testing automatic spectrum stabilization device to ensure the consistency of the instrument work.

data processing and erp

usb, wifi, wireless bluetooth and other methods for data transmission, files can be exported as  excel, pdf and other formats, users can customize the test report: including company logo, company address, test results, spectral spectrum and other sample information (such as product description, origin, batch number, etc.); provides online data services. enterprise resource planning (erp) and production resource planning management.

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