after-sale service

for many years, lanscientific has sold a large number of xrf analytical instruments in the world, in order to provide technical support and maintenance.

1.service items

(a):suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd. provide after-sales service.

(b):suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd. provide a year warranty period of one year.

(c):for dector, x-tube provides one year warranty.

(d):all the repairs of the instrument provides one year renewal period in the same parts replacement parts.

2.physical damage not guaranteed.

(a):instrument to withstand the impact of a large force caused by the impact of the machine inside the sensor from white to red;

(b):detector damaged;

(c):pda damaged;

(d):instrument housing damaged;

(e):attachment loss;

(f):component loss;

(g):instrument inlet;

3.if the instrument problems, can not be normal operation, customers can call service hotline400-992-0512carry out maintenance;

maintenance methods are as follows:

(a):network maintenance:customers can be carried out in a foreign country or remote areas for network maintenance.  email:[email protected]

(b):telephone repair:customers call as far as possible the problem can not be said clearly,our technical staff can be directed at the problem on the phone operation and maintenance.

(c):repair:if the phone repair failed, lanscientific technical personnel rushed to the scene within 72 hours of maintenance;

4.warranty warranty:after the warranty period, customers can enjoy lifelong maintenance services.

5.for discount:maintenance of customers, the next time can enjoy the next maintenance accessories.

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