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rental service

lanscientific handheld x ray fluorescence spectrometer rental service

if you still can not determine whether to buy a hand-held xrf (x ray fluorescence spectrometer), then you can try the lanscientific instruments for you to develop the leasing solutions through our truex handheld xrf (x ray fluorescence spectrometer), can help you improve production efficiency, reduce the production risk, cost effective management. lanscientific instruments provide daily, weekly rent rent, etc., to help enterprises to effectively solve the difficult situation detection.

handheld spectrometer rental 


your solution

our rugged handheld x fluorescence spectrometer can meet your most demanding requirements by leasing the way you can get our breakthrough xrf technology to address your needs in real work.


how to lease xrf analyzer

whether it is short-term or long-term lease rental, we provide various portable x fluorescence spectrometer training, ensure you can fully understand the handheld xrf (x ray fluorescence spectrometer) test procedures and precautions, and the leasing process is very easy and simple.


one way of leasing

by our technical staff to the door for you to detect, only to pay the corresponding lease fee, without any margin.


second way of leasing

if you need to detect, in addition to the need to pay the corresponding rental fees, also need to pay the deposit, the deposit will be returned after the lease, in addition, our technical engineer will be responsible for operation training, ensure the operation you are fully familiar with the instrument, it will probably spend one hour. 


leasing project

1.mineral and mineral grade analysis

2.metal alloy material element and brand identification

3.detection of heavy metal elements in soil

4.rohs detection of harmful elements

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