• 1. apparatus and working conditionsin this experiment, a shine x-ray diffractometer was used for testing. the kα of the cu target was the radiation source, and λ = 0.15418 nm.the sample test conditions are as follows:instrument model浪声映shinepower/w30test modeshaketesting time5s*120 timeslight pipecu...
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  • in nature, uranium is usually found in the form of u-238 (99.2739 – 99.2752%), u-235 (0.7198 – 0.7202%), and a small part of it is found in the form of u-234 (0.0050 – 0.0059%). a major feature of u-235 is the isotope that can naturally fission (can maintain a chain reaction of nuclear fission). u-2...
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