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mineral detection
appnote 1078: x-ray diffraction test report of minerals
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1. apparatus and working conditions

in this experiment, a shine x-ray diffractometer was used for testing. the kα of the cu target was the radiation source, and λ = 0.15418 nm.

the sample test conditions are as follows:

instrument model




test mode


testing time

5s*120 times

light pipe

cu target light tube

angle range


cooling method of bare pipe


detector temperature℃



two-dimensional ccd array

instrument diagram


2. appearance information of rock samples


3. sample x-ray diffraction test and analysis

the rock is made into a powder sample of 150-200 mesh. under the given test conditions, the sample is scanned with an x-ray diffractometer to obtain the x-ray diffraction pattern of the corresponding rock, and the software is used for mineral qualitative interpretation and semi-quantitative analysis.

3.1 1# sample test results and data analysis


figure 1. 1# sample crystalx software test result interface


figure 2. xrd diffraction pattern of sample 1#


table 1 basic characteristics of xrd diffraction pattern of sample 1#

for a pdf version of the full report. please read the attachment!

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