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rapid detection of rare earth elements with lanscientific hand-held ore analyzer
2019-07-31 | industry: 

rare earth elements for lanthanide 15 elements with sc and y for a total of 17 elements, according to the difference of the physical and chemical properties and similarity, which can be divided into three groups: light rare earth group (la ~ promethium), in the rare earth group (sm ~ dy) and heavy rare earth group (ho ~ lutetium with scandium and y). due to the unique electrical, optical, magnetic and thermal properties of rare earth elements, they are often used in consumer electronics, such as television, video cameras, mobile phones, car exhaust gas purifier and rechargeable batteries. they are often considered to be "industrial vitamins", and rare earth minerals have now become the most important strategic resource.

rare earth ore

on the rare earth mine developers, lanscientific analyzer can provide real-time detection of hand-held ore information in the exploration and ore grade control process, through the built-in rare earth mine database, you can in a few seconds of rare earth ore grade, type and content, save time and financial decisions.

lanscientific handheld ore analyzer original configuration of the 50kv micro x ray tube, can be used to stimulate including la, ce, nd, pr, th, y and other rare earth elements of the fluorescence, through the concentration of these elements (especially y), it can be inferred that the main mineral containing y heavy rare earth element content, and the rare earth mine intelligent grouping. at the same time the ore analyzer itself can be analyzed from si to u of all the elements content, so as to meet the needs of the majority of mining.

lanscientific have scientific x fluorescence analysis the international first-class team of experts, technology at the same time, to maintain a close relationship with the international first-class research institutes and enterprises, the forefront of real-time tracking international x fluorescence analysis in the field of theory and technology. with strong technical strength, quality of service philosophy and scientific management model, the annual output value of nearly ten million yuan. " beethor" series handheld x fluorescence analysis instrument (xrf) is mainly used in the field of metal alloy analysis, ore detection, soil analysis and rohs detection. the original spectral fingerprint patent analysis system can quickly match the system design samples, and the accurate output analysis results, the various technical performance indicators have reached or exceeded the level of international similar products.

corresponding product:beethor x3g 960 handheld ore analyzer

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