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the chinese gold mine in mongolia: never mind 80% people who cheated
time:  2018-11-27 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

prospecting for more than a year, a few nil, wuritu said, somewhat annoyed.

he often drove the car along the border line of exploration, mongolia side, investigated a number of mine is more than and 10 days away. as inner mongolia churin group in mongolia's representative, uritu has an important job, looking for coking coal mine high calorific value for the company.

however, the difficulty in the sino mongolian border, near the mine early minghuayouzhu. wuritu resorted to by spy agencies, exhaust all the skills, friends and other ways, only to the hands of the right disc under the mine from others.

this is a very risky business, and it is difficult to estimate the input. these mineral deposits are often only prospecting permits, and most of them do not have any exploration data. already belong to the mineral deposits, or not allowed to drill prospecting, can only be as direct as bet gambling; or allow exploration, but to pay the high amount of advance payments.

in either case, can not find the possibility of mineral deposits exist forever, wuri said: "each mine had tried several drill, drill down, that millions of." however, all kinds of hard to find mine and investment, but still the great temptation of high quality mineral. "as long as the hands of a mine, the heart alone, although the domestic coal market is not good now, but this is just a temporary thing, coking coal profits, only large and small problems." figure wurih.

go to mongolia

churin group, the headquarters is located in inner mongolia city of bayannaoer, mongolia in 1995 to enter the country. they acquired the local herdsmen cashmere, after grooming, processed into semi-finished products, exported to europe and other countries. at the beginning of 1999, the deep processing of mongolian cashmere enterprises "by the joint venture churin group investment company, opened on shaoxing rice" was the chinese enterprises in mongolia's largest villi deep processing enterprises.

however, with the mongolia country to abolish export tariffs will be shipped back to china cashmere, cashmere processing, processing in mongolia than in cheaper. churin group in mongolia cashmere processing plants, gradually shrinking. from the beginning of 2010, inner mongolia churin group is located in mongolia's companies begin to pay attention to the mining industry.

in fact, in earlier years, with the development of mining industry in mongolia in a boom, churin group entered the coal transportation industry. now, they have 300 trucks carrying more than 60 tons, and the length of the field.

from the deep processing of cashmere to transport coal to seek transformation to mineral development, from the chinese churin group, just follow a path of development in mongolia funded enterprises, from light to heavy, and diversified development.

1992, china's erenhot port officially opened. chinese investors are gradually entering the mongolia border from the originator, china. at that time, lack of supplies in mongolia, have used the sheepskin, cashmere and other animal products, launched a barter trade, chinese to buy daily necessities. the acquisition of cashmere in mongolia, is the most popular business, but also the achievements of the first batch of gold, they are in mongolia, the acquisition of cashmere and sheep sheep sheep, and then transferred to the domestic sales.

wenzhou people with sensitive sense of smell, but also to transport goods to the port, transported to the country of mongolia, or transit to russia. "south of shenzhen, north of two company." as the north bridgehead, erenhot border, opened in mongolia china investment window, by this route, china merchants began to get involved in mongolia of china.

from 1998, china officially began to encourage chinese enterprises to go out, since then, many enterprises in inner mongolia, with a natural geographical advantage, and gradually formed a wave of business in mongolia. also is this year, china has become the country's largest investor in mongolia, at this time, the main direction of investment, has quietly become mineral.

mongolia, mongolia chamber of commerce president lou battle told reporters that at the time of mongolia, there is no restriction on mineral development, fully liberalized. any person, whether it is private, company, organization, can the registration of mineral rights, does not require any information, as long as the coordinates, fill out the application form and pay 50 thousand dollars (figure 200 yuan) fee, you can apply for to get the permit.

this threshold almost no mineral policy, which greatly stimulated the mining industry of foreign investment, also lead to mineral rights allocation too hasty, speculation foreshadowed. after the impact of the disintegration of the former soviet union, mongolia has implemented a radical transformation, in the old and new economic system, there has been a lot of institutional vacuum. some zhandexianji, or well-informed person, to master a lot of mineral rights, do not develop their own, specializing in reselling. so, to find mine chinese, can often see, has mining rights of people holding a stack of mineral permits.

the chinese are discovering mongolia and the mongolian are discovering themselves. at the foot of the land, there are endless wealth. ten years, the price of mining rights in mongolia straight up. take gold mine as an example, by 2005, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, to 2007, up to several million dollars, and now, some good mines, has risen to more than ten million u.s.. between ten years, up 1000 times.

mongolian understanding of mineral resources rapidly increased, but also quickly from canada, china and other countries, learn to draw on the management system of mineral resources. during this period, chinese to mongolia's mining, also gradually become a trend in the early prospectors driven by a gold experience through word of mouth, become a rich mythology. for a time, the large and small chinese businessmen, into the country of mongolia.

in this period, the situation is becoming more and more chaotic. at the beginning of 2006 to mongolia, zhao jurong, a cashmere businessman, also ran a lot of places to find ore, but the competition has been very intense. at that time, 90% to mongolia's chinese businessman, only for prospecting, but there is no reliable relationship between the ten, there are seven or eight false china mine, many businessmen so deceived, or even go bankrupt.

the mineral development fever gradually subsided, china people began to realize that prospecting and mining is a risky investment, the majority of private enterprises do not have the development of large mineral deposits and the risk of strength. but chinese many large state-owned enterprises still gradually into the mongolia country, such as shenhua group, aluminum group, chinese nonferrous metals [0.06 0.00%] group, etc..

after 2006, this trend is becoming increasingly apparent, china's state-owned enterprises to participate in the development of mineral resources in mongolia, and gradually become the mainstream, while small and medium private enterprises, in other industries looking for business opportunities. mongolia government, is also willing to encourage chinese businessmen to invest more in the industry. find no fruit, zhao jurong decisive change direction, from the mineral to real estate. real estate immediately became in addition to minerals, the chinese investors second investment hotspots.

mongolia's vast territory, only 1.5 people per square kilometer, but the capital ulan bator is crowded, sandwiched between two mountains of the tula valley, ulan bator in the former soviet union planning, design the size of the population is only 400 thousand, but now, the population of ulan bator has rapidly expanded to 1 million 200 thousand. increasingly scarce land resources, but also to promote the rise in real estate prices, ulan bator new homes per square meter price has been as high as 8000 yuan, and continue to rise.

today, ulan bator's real estate developers, is also rapidly increased to more than and 20. with mineral development and real estate as the dominant, chinese businessmen in mongolia have begun to develop in all walks of life, the most common, of course, is the hotel and catering industry. in addition, the rise of real estate, but also led to the rapid development of the building materials industry.

never invest in paradise

mongolia is never investment paradise, the most attractive, but also at highest risk.

ten years, under the rising mining boom, the first crashed, the chinese of absolutely ignorant of mineral development. they are not familiar with the laws of the country of mongolia, mongolia do not understand the situation, excitedly came to mongolia, there is no complete formalities, blindly invested in mining, the once dealt encounter or fraud, will come out.

another case is that the grasp of mineral resources are not allowed. these minerals, although there is the former soviet union's exploration data, the actual situation is not the case, need to do a detailed exploration work. many people bought the mining license only with the original information, the results did not dig into the mineral, or only to dig a few minerals. in addition, mineral development, must consider the transportation problem, for china investors, to improve in the short term traffic in mongolia in the case, such as coal and iron ore and other mineral products, transportation is a core problem, only near the mongolian border, have economic benefits, with investment value.

and so on. until today, because the investment in the mining industry to get a good return, is still a small number of. late into the country's central enterprises in mongolia giants, mostly from a strategic participation, to really see the benefits, but also very far.

as lou battle said, the issue of mineral resources in mongolia is not entirely coordinated by the law, more political and social factors, as well as people's concept of the problem. many things only from a legal point of view there is no problem, but the whole trend of society, the political impact of the community is very large, to the mining investors increased a lot of difficulties and uncertainties.

tolgoi coal mine, known as the "world's largest untapped coal", published data show that the coal storage area of 400 square kilometers, 190 meters in thickness of coal seam, coal coking rate above 60%, is the shortage of coal in the world.

high reserves of high-quality coal so that the international energy giants are coveted. 8 years ago, including china shenhua group and japanese mitsui consortium, the american mining giant peabody, vale of brazil and xstrata, the european steel giant arcelormittal and the russian state-owned russian railways group and other 6 bidders, participation and development rights bidding.

last year, the chinese shenhua group has achieved a 40% stake in the mine, but the news is not over a month, mongolia's president elbegdorj is a "national because do not support, the president can not support the" grounds, announced the re examination of belonging.

in june this year, the long ruling in mongolia after the opening of the people's party is defeated in the election of the new parliament, the incoming democratic party cabinet. on the occasion of the change of government, former president enkhbayar was arrested, and was sentenced to 4 years and 1 months in prison for corruption charges.

from july 2000 to june 2009, enkhbayar served as prime minister, chairman and president of the state great hural (parliament). this time, it's just time to chinese businessmen to invest in mongolia raging like a storm. mongolia's rapid economic growth, but the gap between the rich and the poor is also rapidly expanding. at home, in mongolia, support and opposition to don heba yair's voice, in its ruling, there is a sharp while at the same time.

china for investors, the most concern is that foreign investment policy in mongolia, whether in the short term, but also one principle runs through it all.? can not get a satisfactory answer.

the reality of the mongolia country, everything is still in the fog, if it is risk. whether it is mining, or real estate, investment is large, once the major changes in investment into money may not withdraw. this makes chinese enterprises who are in one of the more hesitant and see. "although the foreign investment is supported by words, but in the implementation level, who knows what will change?" zhao jurong said.

but the exploitation of fluorite ore in mongolia's chen songyan is still confident, he believes that no matter which party came to power, to support foreign investment policy may be adjusted, but will not change, because of mongolia's economy in recent years, the inflow of foreign investment and rapid growth, people in mongolia also from foreign investment benefit.

can not do without, do not open

although the previous government of mongolia, will vigorously support and encourage foreign investment in mongolia. however, in how to look at the issue of chinese investors in mongolia, there is no consistent sound. especially, when more and more chinese on mongolia land, conflict and estrangement of the various historical and realistic, it is exacerbated by the suspicion and speculation.

in the early 90s of last century, the direct cause of mongolia's economic plight is too dependent on the soviet union, the soviet union to bring a heavy blow to mongolia. from 1990 to 1993 just three years, the national economy has been back 10 years. therefore, after the restructuring, mongolia learned a lesson, the implementation of non aligned, multi pivot and a full range of foreign policy.

this political orientation is reflected in the investment, which is not to be controlled by china or any other country in mongolia. as the biggest investor in china and the potential market in mongolia from china investment, has a complex mentality, both china hope to continue to expand investment, and worried more and more chinese enterprises, control of mongolia's economic lifeline.

mongolia mongolia chamber of commerce president lou battle said, mongolia, this mentality can be summed up in six words: can not do, do not open.

the most obvious example is: in may 17th this year, on the eve of parliamentary elections, mongolia adopted the strategic areas of foreign investment coordination law, this hastily introduced the law, with a strong political intent.

lou battle pointed out that from the legal provisions can be clearly seen, for the chinese enterprises to enter, mongolia will be a number of key areas, such as mineral resources, news media, banking, etc., set to a strategic area. since it is a strategic area, the future of the country is likely to control. now, there is no chinese enterprises to enter the banking sector, but the ruling party in mongolia, has noticed the trend in this area.

"i know that there is a chinese bank, would have been willing to open a branch in mongolia, the law can be introduced, the hands do not do it." lou battle said.

from the government to the people, the chinese people will always be an important topic in mongolia.

since the opening of mongolia, there have been two more obvious row of chinese. one is the last century at the beginning of 90s, a large number of fake and shoddy products chinese, the erenhot mark into mongolia country, on the one hand the damaged goods china goodwill, on the other hand also caused mongolia's public antipathy to china businessman.

another row of chinese tide appeared in 2007 before and after. mineral development and the rise of real estate, so that a large number of chinese workers came to mongolia. in many mines and construction sites, chinese workers in direct contact with the workers in mongolia, because of the language barrier, coupled with differences in attitudes and habits of life, the outbreak of friction and conflict. frequent clashes, triggered a wave of chinese exclusion, and gave birth to a number of chinese organizations.

today, walking in the streets of ulan bator, occasionally see some private car rear, with this slogan: never allow foreigners to take away our resources. all this, in mongolia's media, also can often see such emotional expression. some of china's well-known enterprises, but also often criticized by the mongolia national newspaper, even their partners in mongolia, will also be under pressure.

zhao jurong's big business venture real estate company, in order to avoid the risk of this conflict, the implementation of the chinese people to the chinese people, the mongolian tube of the mongolian strategy. zhao jurong said that in the tense construction, often very small things can trigger friction. for example, china south to the workers, speaking fast, high voice, when direct dialogue, the mongols often think of chinese in scold them, if not timely ease, is likely to lead to conflict.

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