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2010 scientific instruments outstanding new list: x ray instrument
time:  2010-07-23 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

fifth "outstanding new products" scientific instrument selection activities began preparations in 2010 march, by the end of february 28,2011, a total of 234 domestic and foreign instrument factory declared the 497 taiwan 2010 annual listing of the new instrument.the instrument information network editor, 2011 china scientific instrument development will be a new organizing committee evaluation, in all reporting instrument about 1/4 entered the list of finalists.

the review of the new specialized committee invited more than 60 senior industry experts in accordance with the strict review process, the new online review of the finalists, and the first time invited 20 senior users to participate in the review. the final award of the instrument will be issued in the 2011 china scientific instrument development conference, and the results published in a number of professional media.

now announced the "x - ray instrument" short listed x - ray equipment list, 2010 annual report of a total of 24 x - ray equipment, of which 11 finalists, ranking.

instrument namemodelinnovation pointtime to marketcorporate name
d8 vincid8 advanceinnovation pointjune 2010bruker axs gmbh
beethor real900 portable x fluorescence spectrometerreal900innovation pointjuly 2010suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.
x-3000energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometerx-3000innovation pointjanuary 2010tianjin polywis technology co.,ltd.
x ray powder diffractionminiflex ii-cinnovation pointjune 2010science of corporation
portable x ray diffraction btxbtxinnovation pointfebruary 2010the united states innov-x (shenzhen city laara technology development co.,ltd. agent)
sharp shadow x ray diffractionempyreaninnovation pointmarch 2010holland research company
spectro isort-spectro xsort(metal measuring)spectro xsortinnovation pointjanuary 2010spectro
energy dispersive x ray fluorescence analysis apparatusedx-leinnovation pointjuly 2010shimadzu international trading (shanghai) co.,ltd. / shimadzu (hongkong) co.,ltd.
oxford x-max electric refrigeration energy spectrometerinca x-maxinnovation pointjanuary 2010oxford instrument (shanghai) co.,ltd.
thermo scientific quasor electron back scattering diffractionthermo scientific quasorinnovation point2010年6月thermo fisher scientific
heavy metal analysis systemcems-2000 b xrfinnovation pointnovember 2010focus technology (hangzhou) limited by share ltd

the new declaration to get the majority of the positive response of the instrument manufacturer, the number of reporting instruments increased significantly compared to last year. in particular, although some manufacturers in the online reporting, but within the specified time no instrument innovation can provide detailed and specific proof material, convincing and detailed instrument samples, so this is not included in the list of finalists. in addition, due to the participation of more manufacturers to declare, the product involves more categories, the organization finds that the work of a very high demand, so do not rule out some of the highly specialized instruments are not included in the.

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