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lanscientific attenend cisile 2016 handheld xrf analyzer make a brilliant appearance
time:  2019-07-31 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

the fourteenth china international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition (cisile 2016), held at the beijing national convention center on may 22, 2016 -24. suzhou wave sound scientific instrument co. ltd as one of the exhibitors, to strengthen the transformation of industry application and international exchanges, scientific instruments and achievements, and promote our scientific instruments industrialization and modernization.


the company currently has two main products series - truex series handheld spectrometer, beethorx3g series handheld spectrometer, applied to the detection of metal alloy, ore mineral detection, soil geological detection, rohs detection. and in the current cisile 2016 exhibition site is just one of the three star products.

truex handheld alloy analyzer, small volume and light weight, portable; high-speed processing chip, combined with advanced algorithms and efficient software, make the instrument analysis faster; selection of imported high performance x ray transmitting tube and ultra high resolution detector, combined with digital multi-channel processing technology, the instrument has high analysis precision. at the same time, lanscientific professional management analysis software, you can easily set the security user password, customized, personalized and with the company's logo analysis report, easy to achieve remote control of the instrument. apply to the spot, non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis of the identification of alloy elements and alloy grades, metal identification / scrap metal sorting, qa/qc management of metal production, processing and manufacturing, casting, etc..

truex handheld ore analyzer, the same selection of imported high performance x ray emission tube and ultra high resolution detector, combined with digital multi-channel processing technology, make the instrument analysis more accurate. and can adjust the air pressure factor automatically according to the altitude, and adjust the pressure model parameters adaptively. the excitation effect of light element is increased by 40% compared with that of rare earth element, and the excitation effect is improved by 30%. can be combined with the built-in gps latitude and longitude data and altitude data, through the introduction of third party gis analysis software to build three-dimensional distribution map of element content, rapid assessment of mineral reserves or geological environment disaster area. equipment can be networked, remote equipment set up and maintenance.

beethorx3g hand-held environmental analyzer, can be a variety of different types of environment, including "in situ soil" for on-site analysis. light weight and can be used in any environment and weather conditions, just gently pull the trigger, the operator can quickly detect the site directly, or through the sampling, the bag sample analysis. it is easy to detect the rcra metal, the main pollutants, as well as the requirements of the chinese ministry of environment to detect items. the same analytical results can be obtained in the field and laboratory.


the exhibition, contains a wealth of academic exchanges, the results show, business promotion and application experience and other activities, to promote the industry, production, learning, research, use, cross integration and effective docking. as the asian region specialized in strong, high degree of internationalization of scientific instruments to show the exchange platform, so that we benefit a lot. in the future, the waves will continue to strive to continue to introduce new, committed to the development of the cause of china's analytical instrument, the quality of products and excellent service to return to society, to bring a new look to the industry.

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