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goddess festival | the gentle fragrance of the golden years!
time:  2021-08-18 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

spring in march, everything is new

today we ushered in

the 111th "march 8" international women's day

on the occasion of this festive season

we offer to the female compatriots who have worked hard in various positions

send the most sincere blessings

happy holidays to all goddesses

about women's day

the first is a series of women's movements for rights and interests that originated in europe and north america in the 20th century; in august 1910, the second women’s congress of the international socialists determined the "march 8th" women's day for the first time;

the second is that this is a holiday that belongs to women all over the world. starting from the international women’s year in 1975, the united nations has held an event every year on march 8 to celebrate international women’s day;

the third is the significance of not only celebrating and commending the important contributions and great achievements made by women in the political, economic and social fields, but also set up to protect the rights and interests of women;

fourth, my country began to commemorate the march 8th festival in 1922. the first mass commemoration of march 8th by chinese women was held in guangzhou in 1924. in december 1949, the people's republic of china officially stipulated that march 8th is women's day every year.

their style

in this beautiful and warm day

langsheng's male colleagues

under the leadership of mr. du yaming, general manager of langsheng

i sent holiday blessings and gifts to the goddesses of the company!

the pioneer park also prepared flower arrangement and tea art activities for everyone!



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