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analytica china 2016 grand opening lanscientific has attracted much attention
time:  2019-07-31 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

the eighth session of analytica china 2016 began in october 10, 2016 at the shanghai new international expo center, as an international analysis and biochemical technology expo, to stimulate the further expansion of the domestic market of scientific instruments, is the best platform for industry leaders a comprehensive display of the latest technology, products and solutions.


the exhibition, attracted from the world's major industrial countries in the analysis, diagnosis, laboratory technology and biochemical technology manufacturers. suzhou lanscientific co., ltd. is one of the exhibitors, its own handheld spectrometer, portable spectrometer and atmospheric heavy metals have been widely concerned, become a focus of analytica china 2016.

in the analytica china 2016 exhibition site, in addition to the original beethor series and truex series handheld spectrometer, lanscientific emerge, carrying the latest development of the portable spectrometer and the atmospheric heavy metal sparkling debut, let the audience have stopped asking find everything fresh and new.

the design of portable x - ray fluorescence spectrometer is designed in the field to carry out safe and high quality energy dispersive x - ray fluorescence analysis. the high performance of the instrument the assembly has a safe closed ray sample cabin, the calibration analysis software with strong flexibility can be of various manufacturers and default user defined, its role as a mobile laboratory.

atmospheric heavy metals online analyzer is an instrument of lanscientific based on on-line detection technology and automatic air particulate matter enrichment technology perfect union, in line with the u. s. epa io-3.3 standard method, not only can the composition and concentration of heavy metal detection in airborne particles, the mass concentration of particles can also be detected; the air particles can realize low content of lead and cadmium, chromium arsenic and heavy metals such as pm concentration detection and cooperative measurement, unattended, long time automatic monitoring.


the detection instrument in the relevant departments of our government more and more high demand under the background of developing the lanscientific instruments, in real-time, rapid, nondestructive and accurate "instrument quality, rapid response to meet the application needs of users, to become the rise in the market chinese handheld spectrometer abackbone. in the future, lanscientific will continue to emerge, to adapt to the development needs of the scientific instrument market, to provide users with more based on the field, rapid detection solution!

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