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case analysis
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the application of raman in jewellery and jade
time:  2021-08-17 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

environmental background

with the continuous rapid growth of china's economy and the continuous improvement of per capita income, the scale of china's jewelry testing market continues to grow. at present, the consumption of many jewelry categories in my country ranks in the forefront of the world.

jewelry is expensive, and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity with the naked eye. for consumers, jewellery companies and asset appraisal agencies, it is very important to ensure that they are genuine at a fair price. traditional analysis is to send jewelry to a professional testing laboratory for identification, which is time-consuming and expensive.

response plan

in order to solve the difficult and hot issues in gem identification, some new methods and technologies have been continuously introduced into the field of gemological research, providing a strong scientific guarantee for the objectivity, accuracy, and quantification of gem identification, which has greatly promoted the improvement of gem identification technology and research level. raman spectroscopy technology, as a micro-area non-destructive analysis technology, is favored by gemological research and gem identification fields. it is widely used in the detection of inclusion components and genetic types in gems, identification of artificially processed gems, identification of similar gems and jade varieties, and diamond identification and so on.

in response to market demand, suzhou langsheng scientific instruments co., ltd. has launched an intelligent handheld spatial optical raman spectrometer—ra200, which uses spatial coupling optics, electronic design, software technology, and fusion of scientific chemometric algorithms it has the characteristics of simple operation, excellent performance, convenient maintenance, and strong environmental practicability. it can effectively analyze the composition and processing technology of jewelry, distinguish true and false and good from bad. it is suitable for consumers, jewelry companies, pawn shops and asset appraisal agencies. provide integrated solutions for non-destructive and rapid testing of jewelry.

product advantages

one-key intelligent operation: it adopts one-key operation design and incorporates powerful professional algorithms. you can quickly get accurate results by pressing the detection button. the operation is simple, and even non-technical personnel can easily master the method of use.

no need for sample processing: the instrument can quickly identify unknown solids and liquids (including aqueous solutions and other types of solutions) through glass, plastic bags, transparent and translucent containers, without preparing samples, and easy to operate.

on-site rapid qualitative analysis: the instrument is equipped with raman spectroscopy molecular fingerprint technology, one-click testing, and the results can be given in a few seconds. it is specially developed for on-site rapid qualitative analysis and has good environmental adaptability.

multi-form data output: the instrument is equipped with a portable bluetooth printer, and the data can be output in excel and pdf formats, and users can create custom reports. 

easy customization: the instrument uses an embedded color touch screen, and the operation interface is simple and intuitive. users can build their own database and instrument management according to actual needs.

database service: the instrument is equipped with a comprehensive, modular and customizable control list database, which has a wide range of applicability, including a comprehensive library of controlled substances, diluents, and precursors to help users screen samples quickly and accurately.

common jewels and jade


case analysis

use the ra200 handheld spatial optical path raman spectrometer to analyze some samples, and by comparing the standard raman spectrum or the raman spectrum of known standard materials, the unknown sample can be quickly and accurately determined.

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