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focus on pvpew2016 lanscientific handheld xrf analyzer shine
time:  2019-07-31 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

adhering to the "based in wenzhou, facing the whole country" exhibition purposes,pvpew2016 on october 27-29 days held in yongjia oubei cultural square, (jin ying) valve exhibition is a professional meeting valves, pumps, fluid and related production, manufacturing, testing and maintenance of mechanical equipment. since its success in 2004, its impact has been expanding, and has become one of the most important exhibitions in the industry.

it is understood that the pvpew2016, brought together from zhejiang, shanghai, fujian, jiangsu, guangdong, hunan, tianjin, hebei and other more than and 200 enterprises at home and abroad, suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd carry handheld alloy analyzer on stage, by the industry experts and scholars, this exposition become a beautiful scenery line.


lanscientific truex hand-held alloy analyzer (xrf) is a boiler, container, pipe, manufacturing and other high temperature and high pressure industry in the production process of material reliability identification (pmi) important means. this analysis instrument integrates research and innovation at the forefront of the waves, the configuration of the super-fp algorithm without switching mode can accurately detect the content of metal elements and materials, can be widely used in quality control, material classification, alloy identification, safety prevention, accident investigation and field application scenarios, rapid analysis, metal alloy identification to solve the problem of raw material composition, analysis of the foundation of industrialization.

at the same time, lanscientific truex hand-held alloy analyzer built in the two expansion of the user to customize the expansion of the alloy brand library, can be analyzed as many as 600 kinds of alloy, can analyze more than ten thousand kinds of alloy materials. users can according to their own needs, to create an exclusive personalized analysis system. with a number of outstanding advantages, lanscientific handheld alloy analyzer has attracted many visitors, asking the staff is in a continuous line, has become the hand-held spectrometer leader in china.


the exhibition carefully planned and organized for a year, with other similar domestic exhibition there is nothing comparable to this advantage at all locations, booth scale, specialization, investment, propaganda, return customers etc.. suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd will take advantage of this platform to exchange and communicate with customers at home and abroad, so as to continuously enhance the understanding of self, self, to seek a breakthrough, to provide the most comprehensive products and the best quality service for the china test analysis of the industry, sincerely tried to chinese analysis cause makesown contribution!

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