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application of xrd in the field of ore
time:  2021-08-17 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

environmental background

with the implementation of the "made in china 2025" strategy, the adjustment of manufacturing structure, and the continuous advancement of product upgrades, emerging industries will increasingly demand more strategic mineral raw materials such as molybdenum, rare earths, cobalt, vanadium, and titanium. this puts more stringent requirements on the quality testing of minerals in the mining, smelting, and deep processing of minerals.


response plan

in recent years, x-ray powder crystal diffraction (xrd) testing mineral composition has provided scientific and convenient solutions for geological exploration, mine mapping, mining, grade identification, mineral trade, metal smelting, and environmental monitoring. the advantages of low and high accuracy have won the trust of workers in the ore field.

in response to market demand, the ying shine portable x-ray diffractometer developed by langsheng can quickly perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the phases in the material, which combines multiple technologies such as xrd, xrf and computer software. the shine portable x-ray diffractometer performs x-ray diffraction on the sample and analyzes its diffraction pattern to obtain information such as the composition of the material, the structure or morphology of the internal atoms or molecules of the material (the main component of the material, the minor component or the whole crystal of the trace component) phase id information), has the advantages of simple sample preparation, pollution-free, fast, high measurement accuracy, and a large amount of information about crystal integrity. it is the main method for studying the phase and crystal structure of substances.

product principle

when a beam of monochromatic x-rays is incident on a crystal, since the crystal is composed of a unit cell of atoms regularly arranged, the distance between these regularly arranged atoms is the same order of magnitude as the wavelength of the incident x-ray, so the x-rays scattered by different atoms mutually interference produces strong x-ray diffraction in some special directions. the orientation and intensity of the diffraction lines in space are closely related to the crystal structure. this is the basic principle of x-ray diffraction.


application characteristics

mineral analyzers are widely used in the fields of geological prospecting, mine surveying and mapping, mining, grade identification, mineral trade, metal smelting, and environmental monitoring.

analyze samples

ore body, ore lump, slag, slag, coarse ore, concentrate, tailings, soil, mud, mud, dust, dust, filter, film, waste water, waste oil, liquid sample.


application advantage

portable: the instrument adopts the design of a waterproof and dustproof box integrated machine, without any mechanical moving parts, is light and small, convenient to carry, and can freely conduct laboratory/field scientific research.

integration: xrd and xrf technology are integrated. in each test, xrd and xrf x-ray photon data can be collected at the same time to provide material composition, phase and structure information, thereby promoting more accurate test results.

convenience: one-button operation of the instrument, no calibration, automatic detection, no need to pay attention to the high-pressure system and water circulation cooling system (the instrument has no additional high-pressure and water circulation cooling system).

simple sample preparation: only about 15 mg of sample is required for a single analysis to obtain high-quality test results. sample preparation does not require tableting, tableting, scraping, etc. the sample preparation (crushing, sieving, and sample loading) can be completed in 3 minutes. ).

data transmission: the instrument realizes high-speed connection with a notebook computer via usb, bluetooth, wifi, real-time mapping of shine instruments for control and phase analysis.

good environmental adaptability: specially developed for geological surveys, the instrument can be anti-fog, dust-proof, and anti-vibration, and can adapt to harsh environments.

safety: professional multi-protection radiation treatment, there is no radiation leakage in all aspects of the instrument during measurement.

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