shenzhou 12 successfully docked with the space station! the chinese space station will usher in the first batch of "residents"!-凯发k8娱乐登凯发k8娱乐登录


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shenzhou 12 successfully docked with the space station! the chinese space station will usher in the first batch of "residents"!
time:  2021-08-17 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.


at 9:22 on june 17, 2021, my country's long march 2 f carrier rocket carried the shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft into the air, and achieved complete success. the launch site was located at the jiuquan satellite launch center.

the shenzhou xii manned spacecraft successfully completed the orbit status setting after entering orbit. at 15:54 on june 17th, beijing time, it successfully docked to the forward port of the core module of tianhe using the autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking mode, and it was docked before. the tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft together form a three-cabin (ship) combination, and the entire rendezvous and docking process lasts about 6.5 hours. this is the first rendezvous and docking with a manned spacecraft after the tianhe core module was launched into orbit.

after the shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft successfully realized the autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking with the tianhe core module, the crew of the astronauts entered the orbital module from the return module. after completing various preparations according to the procedures, the node compartment door and the core compartment door were opened successively. at 18:48 on june 17, the astronauts nie haisheng, liu boming, and tang hongbo entered the tianhe core compartment successively, marking the first chinese entry own space station.


what is the "tianhe" core cabin?

the "tianhe" core module is the core component of my country's space station. it has a total length of 16.6 meters, a maximum diameter of 4.2 meters, and a mass of 22.5 tons. it was launched into orbit by the long march 5 series of carrier rockets with the strongest carrying capacity in my country. the core module has made a great breakthrough in design. the space for astronauts to work and live has reached 50 cubic meters, which can support three astronauts to stay in orbit for a long time.

what is the structure of the space station?

according to the plan, around 2022, the completed china space station (tiangong space station) will consist of a core cabin and two experimental cabins, presenting a t-shaped structure as a whole. in addition to the "tianhe" core cabin this time, the other two experimental cabins are named "wentian" and "mengtian".

among them, the core cabin can be subdivided into: node cabin, life control cabin and resource cabin. the node module is used for docking with the "shenzhou" manned spacecraft, used for the parking of the space experiment module and the astronauts' exit; the life control module is used for the astronauts work, experiment and sleep rest, etc.; the resource module provides energy guarantee for the core module. docking with "tianzhou" cargo spacecraft, etc.

the two experimental cabins "wen tian" and "meng tian" are respectively used for scientific experiments in biology, materials, microgravity fluids and basic physics.

specifically, the "wentian" experimental module is mainly used to carry out scientific and technical experiments in and out of the cabin. it is also a working and living place and emergency shelter for astronauts. it is equipped with a special airlock cabin for astronauts' exit activities. it supports astronauts’ exit activities, as well as a small robotic arm that can automatically install extravehicular loads. in addition, it also has some key platform functions in the core cabin, which means that when needed, it can also take over the management and control of the space station.

in addition to the functions similar to those of the "wentian" experimental cabin, the "mengtian" experimental cabin is also equipped with a cargo airlock cabin. with the assistance of astronauts and robotic arms, it supports automatic entry and exit of cargo and loads.

after the normal operation of the space station, there will be three astronauts staying as a crew for a long period of time and rotating regularly. during the rotation period, up to 6 astronauts can work at the space station at the same time. after the handover is completed, the previous crew will return to earth in a manned spacecraft.

which space stations are currently in orbit?

currently, there are only two space stations in the world: the chinese space station and the us-led international space station.

the former soviet union's mir space station was launched in 1986 and crashed in 2001, and the life of the international space station is about to expire.

the international space station was built in 1998, is 73 meters long, 109 meters wide, and weighs more than 400 tons. it was officially put into full use in 2010. the first cabin was launched into orbit by the russian proton carrier rocket. the aircraft and russian spacecraft were constructed and maintained, making it the ninth and largest space station in human history. according to the plan, the initial service period of the international space station is to 2015, and then gradually postponed to 2024.

recently, russia is considering launching a spacecraft to the chinese space station. this means that in the future, in the outer sky, only china's space station may soar in the universe.

according to china's space station construction mission plan, 11 missions will be implemented this year and next, including 3 space station module launches, 4 cargo spacecraft and 4 manned spacecraft launches. the space station will be completed in orbit by 2022 and the national space laboratory will be completed. , into the application and development stage. undoubtedly, this will take a lot of hardships, but its future is promising, and his completion will surely contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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