suzhou lanscientific co., ltd., invites you to gather at the 3rd national seminar on element analysis and application technology in agriculture-凯发k8娱乐登凯发k8娱乐登录


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suzhou lanscientific co., ltd., invites you to gather at the 3rd national seminar on element analysis and application technology in agriculture
time:  2021-08-17 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

the 3rd national agricultural element analysis and application technology seminar will be held from august 11th to 13th at baishan hotel, yanbian, jilin province. langsheng scientific's hot-selling products will participate in this agricultural event. we sincerely invite new and old friends get together for a grand occasion!

conference introduction

heavy metal pollution is one of the key directions of my country's agricultural environment and agricultural product quality and safety supervision. facing the new situation and new tasks of the "14th five-year plan" development, strengthen academic exchanges to improve the detection and prevention and control of harmful heavy metal pollution in the agricultural environment and agricultural products, and explore the research and application of beneficial elements in the fields of agricultural production and human health. it is imperative. therefore, following the successful holding of the "seminar on heavy metal detection technology in agriculture" in 2017 and 2019, the agricultural products quality standards research center of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs plans to hold the "3rd national seminar on element analysis and application technology in agriculture" in august 2021. meeting". this conference will set up conference reports, special reports, posters and other forms. we sincerely invite experts in scientific research, teaching, quality inspection and management from relevant scientific research institutes, universities, and institutions such as risk assessment, inspection and testing, and equipment research and development. and technical personnel to discuss and exchange the frontier hotspots and research progress of element analysis and application technology in the agricultural field.

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suzhou lanscientific co., ltd., is a provincially recognized high-tech enterprise that r&d, produces and sells high-end analytical instruments. lanscientific has a domestic first-rate expert team in the field of x-ray analysis technology, with strong technical strength, service concepts and advanced management. it is a scientific and technological entity integrating product design, development, manufacturing, sales and service.

 lanscientific’s products are used in the analysis of elements or compounds from na to u. the industries involved aerospace, petrochemicals, environmental protection, jewelry, metal materials, mineral exploration, electronic appliances, coating thickness measurement and scientific research, etc. in order to provide customers systematic and innovative solutions, the current instruments are mainly four series: x-ray fluorescence analyzer (xrf), x-ray fluorescence online monitor, x-ray diffractometer (xrd), and raman spectrometer, which can meet multi-scene (laboratory, field, factory, etc.) applications.

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lanscientific co., ltd.
suzhou lanscientific co., a professional manufacture, production and sale of portable x fluorescence analysis instrument of the provincial high-tech enterprises. the company has the domestic first-class team of experts x fluorescence analysis technology, with strong technical strength, advanced technology, service concept and advanced management mode...
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