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2016 nondestructive testing equipment show lanscientific handheld alloy analyzer eye-catching
time:  2019-07-31 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

november 10th, the highly anticipated eighth 2016 central scientific instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition in wuhan international expo center officially kicked off. the exhibition lasted three days (11.10-11.12), as china hand-held spectrometer leader, suzhou lanscientific co. ltd. rong invited exhibitors, and colleagues around the convergence of communication, for the new and old customers to answer questions, to lay a solid foundation for the upgrading and reform of future new products.


the exhibition, analysis and testing instruments, optical instruments and equipment, laboratory instruments and equipment, biochemical instrument, nondestructive testing instrument, food safety testing instruments, environmental monitoring instruments, measuring instruments, chemical testing and exploration instruments involved in many areas of exhibitors. in order to break the siege, lanscientific carry new product -- truex handheld alloy analyzer debut, making the scene crowded, especially hot.

lanscientific actively seize the valuable opportunity to share with the majority of users to communicate, explain in detail the new product performance, product demonstration operation process, the question answers to users for users and so on, some of them have hands-on experience in customer loyalty, new products. from the field, truex handheld alloy analyzer to attract attention from the industry, suppliers, new and old customers, the harvest has been the favorite of countless users and recognition.


it is understood that the truex handheld alloy analyzer of lanscientific and the launch of the integration of scientific research and innovation at the forefront of lanscientific, is a powerful tool for the identification of metal materials in the production process, at the same time, the user can according to their own needs, to create exclusive personalized analysis system.

eight application areas of performance - a breakthrough to imagine, it is worth having

truex hand-held alloy analyzer is an important means for the material reliability identification (pmi) in the production process of boilers, containers, pipes, manufacturing and other high temperature and high pressure industries. truex hand-held alloy analyzer in different areas for the majority of users to provide all aspects of technical support and quality service, its performance is as follows:


1,performance excellence:the elements of the symbol of the british show, high precision, fast, close to the level of the analysis of the laboratory level, can be intuitive display of alloy grades and elements of the percentage of content and ppm content.

2,one key operation:the entire analysis process only a few seconds to complete, the identification of alloy grades only 1-2 seconds, a key type of operation, even if the non technical staff can easily grasp.

3,non destructive testing:no damage or affect the performance of the object is detected, no damage is detected within the organization, the entire test process without any damage.

4,lanscientific analysis software:lanscientific professional management software can easily set the user password security, customization, personalization and analysis report with the company logo, easy for remote control equipment, automatic calibration, fault diagnosis instrument, through the internet software upgrade.

5,waste recycling and sorting:recycling of waste metal, re-use, complex and diverse types of alloys and materials, on-site analysis of detection and sorting; for the purchase and sale of the two sides in the transaction to make a rapid and reliable decision. iron alloy (stainless steel), metal components of copper alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, pewter, mixed alloy quantitative analysis and on-site rapid material identification and sorting.

6,application field and safety standards:identification of alloy material incoming inspection, material inventory management, installation materials review, prevention in petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessel, power station, petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, foundry, aerospace and other industries, mixing or use of substandard materials will produce safety accidents serious, ensure safety of equipment material.

7,quality control and quality assurance (qc/qa) and effective error proofing:in the metal processing industry, materials (raw materials), quality control and quality assurance of semi-finished products and finished products (qc/qa) and effective error proofing (pkka-yoke) is essential, mixing or the use of substandard materials will bring losses to the enterprise.

8,data processing and enterprise resource planning (erp):usb, wifi, wireless bluetooth and other methods for data transmission, the file can be used pdf, excel and other formats, users can create a custom test report.

as a technology and product frontier confrontation event, lanscientific this trip, harvest full. later, lanscientific will continue to create a micro analysis instrument, the achievements of international first-class advanced products, to meet the rapid response customer application requirements, to provide cost-effective and advanced technical solutions for customers. at the same time, lanscientific will change constantly, persist in the industry "china analysis instruments are not" situation, to promote the status of the low end of industry upgrading, to further enhance the development of core competitiveness in the international market, to launch more new products that users can really benefit. we firmly believe that in the future more areas of the world will have a spectrum of lanscientific brand world.

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