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lanscientific: the confidence of the quality of the xrf to support our overseas market
time:  2019-07-31 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

in may 31, 2016, the state council issued the "soil pollution prevention action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "earth ten" ( "soil out time and again ten" formally introduced ), soil ten mentioned, to carry out the investigation of soil pollution control, soil environmental quality, soil environmental quality monitoring network construction, to carry out pollution control and remediation work and a series of work. the work involves a number of analytical instruments, and as a portable instrument, handheld x - ray fluorescence spectrometer (xrf) to facilitate the rapid detection of heavy metals in soil.()

suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.(hereinafter referred to as lanscientific) in december 2015 launched the truex series of xrf series including soil analysis of hand-held x fluorescence analyzer. recently, the analysis and testing of the general manager of lanscientific du yaming.

  the general manager of lanscientific du yaming.

"lanscientific was founded in 2004, formerly known as suzhou baixue instrument co.,ltd. (beethor), in march 2012 officially changed its name to suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.(beethor) become a sub brand. now, lanscientific is the main development of lanscientific brand products, the company's main independent research and development of x fluorescence analyzer (xrf)." du yaming said that in december 2015, lanscientific launched the truex series handheld x fluorescence analyzer (xrf), including truex hand held alloy analyzer, truex hand-held ore analyzer, truex hand-held soil analyzer.

truex series handheld xrf applied to multiple fields

  lanscientific truex series handheld x fluorescence analyzer (xrf)

for the company's truex series handheld xrf, du yaming carried out a detailed introduction:

lanscientific truex the hand-held soil analyzer without the need to pull the trigger, real-time detection can be achieved in the field of the element analysis instrument, light weight and can be used in any environment and weather conditions, can easily detect rcra metal, the main pollutants etc.. the company provides two models truex 700 (configuration si-pin type boost detector) and truex 760 (configuration with high sensitivity silicon drift detector) for the user to select the analyzer. truex series handheld soil analyzer can quickly obtain reliable analysis data, the detection cost is far lower than the laboratory analysis.

lanscientific truex series handheld analyzer (xrf) alloy analysis of iron-based alloy series, nickel base alloy, cobalt base alloy, copper alloy series, high temperature alloy, aluminum alloy and other alloy, boilers, containers, pipelines, such as high temperature and high pressure on the manufacturing industry in the production process of material identification (pmi). the important means, truex 800 (configuration si-pin type boost detector) and truex 860 (configuration of high sensitivity silicon drift detector) two models. alloy analyzer itself has standard configuration, also can add extra special element. the built-in factory grade library contains 380 kinds of alloys, including built-in special industry mold, electric power, petrochemical and other professional grade library, solve the construction industry application of each country brand conversion problem, also built two extensive custom expansion alloy base alloy, simultaneous analysis of as many as 600 kinds, more than ten thousand kinds of alloy analysis.

lanscientific truex series handheld analyzer (xrf) for ore iron ore, copper, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum ore, lead-zinc, ore ore analysis. the instrument has two models, truex 900 (configuration si-pin type boost detector) and truex 960 (configuration with high sensitivity silicon drift detector).

instrument development direction: specialization, generalization

du yaming said that the instruments have two directions, one is more and more professional, such as the truex handheld soil analyzer of lanscientific, in order to better satisfy the special test requirements, each device in the development and use of internal x needle tube, filter, materials are not the same; the other one is more and more universal, in order to get better performance of the instrument, lanscientific will do some optimization based on the general type, such as lower detection limit, higher stability, to meet the needs of different.

compared with other products, the products of the company "lanscientific is the biggest characteristic of the algorithm changes the traditional empirical coefficient method the samples are higher, need a lot of samples for calibration, and lanscientific using the super-fp algorithm, without switching mode can accurately analyze the metal element content and material, fp algorithm the standard sample is not high, the relative error of the measurement result is much smaller than the empirical coefficient method." du yaming said.

focus on user needs

"we are in the process of design, use the mature experience of many other products, truex series xrf in the shape, appearance, internal structure, and software development, algorithm, hardware, have been researched for a long time. after a long time to cooperate with domestic and foreign users, we also have a greater understanding of the people, culture, habits of different countries, in product design and research and development, but also to make it more fit the market needs."

multiple connection mode integrated cloud services

in connection mode, support bluetooth, usb, wi-fi, in addition to the integration of cloud services, through the wi-fi connection, the data can be uploaded to the cloud, to help users to data analysis, data source and other work. at the same time the device can be linked to the internet, remote setting and maintenance of instrument." du yaming said.

the speed of detection, instrument test data about du yaming, "now,lanscientific cpu devices are dual core, there are more than 1g of memory, basically 1 seconds to play, the detection speed faster than their foreign counterparts, but in terms of power consumption, according to different applications, a battery can be 8-10 hours of continuous use."

wide application areas

lanscientific xrf can be applied to any more to the needs of na u analysis of elements or compounds, including building materials, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, geological mining, commodity inspection, quality inspection and trace elements of human testing and other fields, customer groups covering university, institute of environmental protection quality supervision, testing, and other aspects.

"lanscientific existing xrf application only accounts for a very small part of the xrf application, and other celestial bodies, archaeological, food, etc., can be studied and analyzed by xrf. with the detection limit further reduced, xrf will have a broader market." du yaming said, "the company is now developing a lot of projects. for example, the field of environmental testing, the development of online atmospheric heavy metal detection equipment, is expected to be listed in the second half of this year."

based on the pursuit of simple and easy to use portable devices

du yaming said, lanscientific based on portable laboratory, the future will be considered to do more portable instruments.

r & d as long as the best, regardless of the time cost

compared with other companies in the country, there are some differences in the research and development of products with sound wave technology. "in the r & d plan does not explicitly require the completion time, but in strict accordance with the established line of research in the development process, first ensure that the finished part is the best, if not done, so we'd like to spend more time to do further study." du yaming said.

the instrument is simple with only two buttons

"simple simplicity is the style of the product. our instrument is only two buttons, one is the power switch, one is the trigger, the instrument test results are 4.3 inch lcd screen intuitive visual, no extra parts. when in use, only need to pull the trigger, you can quickly analyze by using the truex series xrf, and the instrument is light, can be used in any environment and weather conditions, low detection cost, suitable for real-time detection. and so simple equipment, but also based on the overall development process for a number of design and research. truex, is a simple and simple such a product." du yaming said with a smile.

main attack overseas market development lease business

lanscientific is the main product of sales agents, by du yaming said: "lanscientific put considerable effort in foreign countries, there are agents in the united states, india, south korea and southeast asia and other countries. in the country, the construction of north china, southern china, central china three business agents around the tube."

the reason why the market focus on foreign countries, du yaming introduced, in addition to foreign countries have a relatively broad market, but also because we have confidence in the quality of their products. now we have 1/3 products sold abroad, the hope that this year's export volume reached more than half of total sales. in the future we will do more international trade, hope that within three years, the export side of the business accounted for 70% of the company's revenue."

in addition to instrument sales,from the beginning of the establishment of the company, lanscientific began to provide equipment leasing business, to solve some of the customer's needs." du yaming said, such as the lack of user funds, but there is the need to use the instrument, we can choose our rental services, so that users of temporary or short-term use."

du yaming said: "at present, many domestic equipment manufacturers are beginning to make a portable xrf, some companies as the main products, some as a sideline. for  lanscientific, x ray spectrum instrument is our company's main products, so the wave of investment will be relatively concentrated."

the next 2-3 years, handheld xrf soil analyzer will be blowout"

for the development of xrf, du yaming believes that there are difficulties in several aspects: 1 the source of energy and stability, which is a relatively large restricted handheld instruments, to do analysis of lower level elements or trace, you may need more light, more powerful energy, the current development is still relatively x ray source this is slow; 2 detector device in direct contact with x light, also need more research; 3 software applications have not done enough.

truex handheld soil analyzer can detect heavy metals in soil, such as soil ten involved in the investigation of soil pollution. "the current soil analyzer only used in the environmental protection system, but we found that the third environmental remediation companies increasingly began to purchase the equipment, for the detection of soil composition of a piece of land in the restoration, according to the content of various elements in the soil inside, to select the appropriate chemical reagents of contaminated soil remediation." du yaming said, i think now handheld soil analysis instruments, or relatively mild procurement, in the next 2-3 years, there will be a blowout, there will be a lot of applications."

attached: lanscientific truex handheld xrf instrument features

1, the instrument is smaller, lighter weight, easy to carry.

2, high-speed processing chip, advanced algorithms and efficient software to make the instrument analysis faster.

3, selection of imported high performance x - ray emission tube and ultra - high resolution detector, combined with digital multi-channel processing technology, makes the truex with super high analysis accuracy.

4, in the process of measurement, truex left and right side radiation indicator light automatic breathing, improve the level of safety and protection of the ray.

5, industrial resistance touch screen, compared to the capacitive screen has a better backlight performance, in the field of light is still clearly visible, and at the same time to avoid the operation of the special environment of the special environment of the risk of.

6, the fuselage uses the skid resistant streamlined design, very lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and integration of scientific research and innovation, the forefront of sound waves including: new high-speed digital multi-channel technology, a new algorithm super-fp grade library identification system, and makes truex not only measuring faster, higher accuracy, stronger consistency measurement.

7, with msbus bus intelligent battery, real-time monitoring battery, standby battery can directly view the battery remaining capacity.

8, the instrument does not work when the standby, when picking up recovery, reduce the equipment power consumption, prolong working time; automatic shutdown in addition the gravity sensing ability of truex makes the instrument fell, and provide security instrument, when the temperature humidity is beyond the scope of application, will automatically alarm.

9, truex can automatically adjust the pressure factor according to the altitude, the adaptive altitude reaction and make the pressure model parameter adjustment. the excitation effect of light element is increased by 40% compared with that of rare earth element, and the excitation effect is improved by 30%.

10, the user can be customized to create a professional report: including company logo, company address, detection results, spectral and other sample information (such as product description, origin, lot number, etc.).

11, built-in doublebeam technology of automatic instrument in front of a sample of no perception, improve security and protection level of radiation. and automatically according to the brightness of the external environment to adjust the brightness of the display.

12, the device can be linked to the internet, remote setting and maintenance of instrument.

13, can be combined with the built-in gps latitude and longitude data and altitude data, through the introduction of third party gis analysis software, build three-dimensional distribution of element content map, rapid assessment of environmental disaster area.

14, truex built-in new net intensity fitting algorithm, optimize the spectral analysis process, so that the truex has a very low detection limit with the laboratory scale equipment.

15, truex built in ultrashort light road design, in the case of no need to charge nitrogen, significantly improve the light element mg, al, si, s, p excitation effect.

16, built in a full range of environmental sensing system. so that truex can sense the surrounding environment changes in real time, and automatically make the parameters to adjust, to apply the high temperature, dust, dark wet and other extreme conditions of the precision of the element analysis.

about lanscientific

suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd. is a provincially recognized high-tech enterprise that manufactures, produces and sells portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer across the world. lanscientific employs a professional x-ray fluorescence team to design, develop, manufacture, sell and service x-ray fluorescence spectrometers, contributing to a rising sci-tech entity with great technical strength,up-to-date technology, innovative service concepts and advanced management philosophy. lanscientific's major product, i.e., x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, is applicable to any fields that elements or compounds from na to u are to be analyzed. it is suitable for analysis in building materials (cement, glass, ceramics), metallurgy(steel, and non-ferrous metals), petroleum (trace elements such as s, pb, etc.), chemistry, geological mining, to commodity inspection, quality inspection and trace elements analysis of human body.

lanscientific has developed a business value that meeting customers′needs and providing them with advanced and cost-effective solutions is their first priority. as lanscientific is expanding its market horizon across the globe, we believe the portable spectrometers will meet more customers needs in even broader areas in the future.

lanscientific co., ltd.
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