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another high grade rare earth mine has been found
time:  2018-11-27 source: suzhou lanscientific co.,ltd.

located in the southwest of the tanzania ngualla project is considered to be the fifth largest rare earth chinese project, is also the highest grade seven in the deposit, because of its rich grade mineralized surface shallow city, low cost of open pit coal mine of ngualla potential. company peak resources, inc., a company listed in australia and the united states counter trading market, is fully owned by the company.

the third phase of the project has been completed, the work has a "milestone" significance. it is reported that the project plans to put into operation in early 2016. experimental results show that the mining is a high grade open pit mine. the recovery rate of the whole process is 87%, the production of high purity rare earth product grade up to 50.3% (reo), the content of radioactive elements in the concentrate of uranium and thorium were 7ppm and 12ppm.

ngualla project will use the mature sulfuric acid leaching process, not only can reduce the production cost but also can greatly reduce the pollution of the environment.

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